Help the orphans, join our hands in fulfilling their needs

by Shreyas N Rao

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About the project :

Hello everyone , i am Shreyas N Rao. I am an engineering student , passionate film maker and also an entertainment troll page admin.

the campaign aims at fulfilling basic needs of orphans such as blankets and education materials such as books and stationaries

I have always wanted to fulfill the needs of the needy so that they can emerge out succesfull , i have been part of such donnations before but only on a small scale. donnation of rs 2000 were possible previously, hence i plan to donate on a comparitively larger level

I plan to collect a sum of rs 10000. Out of the total available amount of money at the end, 75% of it will be used to buy blankets so that the kids can sleep peacefully without having to worry about the cold outside .the rest 25 % will be used to buy books and stationary so that they can continue their schooling properly. I have been part of one such donation through a instagram troll page called kannadadamemeguru. The blankets and books from the collected money will be donated to a selected orphanage in bengaluru on a selected day

The risk / challenges i will be facing the thoughts of scam present in public mind. to overcome any false use of the collected money i will be makin the process completely transparent.

A video of the donnation event will also be made, which will have the names of all the donors . The link of the event video will be provided . All the donors living in bangalore are most welcome to the event

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