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by Sumadhwa Seva Pratishthana

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About the project :


Email :

Mobile No : 09448122733


Registration Details

Permeant Account Number (PAN) : AAXTS1089G

Trust Registration No. : KA/NOTARY/095/0019/01

NITI Aayog - Govt of India - NGO Registration No. : KA/2019/0224978

Trust Registration Act : Indian Trust Act 1982


Also, Registered and Under Following Departments of GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

Stands for Verious Social Schemes 

1.         Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

2.         Ministry of Culture

3.         Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

4.         Department of Higher Education

5.         Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

6.         Ministry of Panchayati Raj

7.         Department of Science and Technology

8.         Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

9.         Ministry of Tribal Affairs

10.       Ministry of Women and Child Development

11.       Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

12.       Department of Bio Technology

13.       Ministry of Textiles - Handicrafts

14.       Department of Consumer Affairs

15.       Ministry of Minority Affairs - Nai Roshni

16.       Ministry of Minority Affairs - Seekho Aur Kamao



Our Aims and Ambitions :

  1. To help Poor People for Their Children’s Education
  2. Conducting Some Exhibition for Home / Hand Made Products
  3. Women Empowerment & Moral Support
  4. Social & Voluntary Service to the Society
  5. Green & Eco Nature Development (Beat the Heat)
  6. A Day at Old Age Home and Orphanage
  7. Providing Solar Lights to Remote Area Peoples
  8. Adopt a Child for Education & Respect the Parents

Brief Explanation about Some of the Aims and Ambitions 


We are Working on Scheme, Named Women Empowerment with Moral Support

In This Scheme, we are Setting Up a Small Manufacturing Unit to Produce Some Daily Need Products

And Setting up our Own Marketing Channels


We are Identifying the Poor House wife and working Ladies and By Giving work under the Above Scheme, we will Encourage Them to Stand with Confident and Face the Society Financially


Presently we have Taken One 2 BHK House in Normal Area on Rented Basis and Paid Rs, 35,000

(Thirty-Five Thousand as Deposit and the Monthly Rent is : Rs. 6,500.00 (Six Thousand Five Hundred Only) + Separate Electricity Bill and Water Bills as Actuals (Approximately : Rs. 600 + 200 = 800)


With the Support of Verious Helpers, Kind Hearted People, Donors we want to Setup the Following

As Early as Possible


We are working on to Have the Following Machineries for Our Trust


  1. Cotton Wicks (Aarati Batti) Manufacturing Unit

The Actual Machine Cost is Rs. 29,800.00 per Machine + Transportation


  1. Agarbatti & Dhoop Sticks Manufacturing Unit

The Actual Machine Cost is Rs. 65,000.00 - 1,40,000.00 per Machine + Transportation

The price is Depend Upon Model and Capacity (initially we are Proceeding with Around 75,000.00 Rupees Worth Machine


  1. Clean & Hygiene Home Made Product

Such as Verious Power Chatinis, Masala Powders, Batters, Papad, Pickles etc.


  1. LED Bulbs and Tube Lights Assembling Unit

Initially we are Requesting / Offering Assembling Service to the Some of the Local Manufactures on Contract Basis, and we are Getting All Spares Separately from Them Only, our team will Assemble All the Things on the Table in our Setup and Again will Return the Assembled Lights to Those Same Manufacturers


The Approximate Setup Charges for Setting up the Assembling Benches Rs, 4,000.00 Per Bench and Estimated Test Benches is 10 Nos (Rs. 4,000 x 10 = 40,000.00)


  1. Arrangement of Sales & Marketing Platform for Above Products

We Need Marketing Channel for Our Manufactured Products, As Such Initially we are Approaching / Participating in Some Exhibition Conducted by the Other Channels and the Approx Rent / Stall Charges Rs 1000.00 Per Day


  1. Helping Widow Ladies to Bring Them Up with the Self Confidence

Mainly we are Focusing / Identifying these Types of Women Only


  1. Shirts and Pants Dealership

We are Working to have Verious Normal, Jeans, Casual & Formal Shirts and Paints

From One of the Manufacturer from Punjab and These are Very Fair Priced and Quality

The Shirts Price Range is From Rs. 150.00 - 249.00 (Selling Price : Rs. 200.00 - 300.00)

Approx Profit to the Trust is About Rs. 50.00 / Shirt

The Pants Price Range is From Rs. 199.00 - 449.00 (Selling Price : Rs. 250.00 - 500.00)

Approx Profit to the Trust is About Rs. 50.00 / Pant


What Ever Money / Profit we are Going to Earn from the All Above Products, will be Utilised

/ Used for Good Salary to the Workers and Betterment of the Trust Only



Under Social & Voluntary Service to the Society

We are Planning to Have the Following Projects


  1. Spending a Day with Orphanage Children’s

(Arranging Trip / Food for Them, Taking Them to Movie / Mall / Gardens / Temple etc.)

  1. Spending a Day with Old Age Home People

(Arranging Trip for Them, Taking Them to Movie / Mall / Gardens / Temple etc.)



Some of the Links for Products and Price Reference



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