Help Us Build Our Music Production Studio

by Navaz Merchant & Dipshankar Das

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About the project :


  • We are SIne & Square (Dipshankar Das & Navaz Merchant), a DJ/Music Producer duo from Pune. Our team consists of friends and family who have supported our music.
  • We are aiming to build a professional music studio so that we can complete our unfinished projects and continue producing more music and collaborate with various artists and musicians.
  • Music is an art that plays a very important role in peoples lives. We can touch peoples lives through our music and that is what we want to keep doing throughout our lives. We want to show our Music to the world nd our supopporters/contributors can help us mke it happen. In return we will provide various rewards and benefits for their contribution. 
  • Right now, we are facing a lot of technical problems with our current home studio set-up and so we are not able to finish our ongoing projects.   

The pitch:

Now that you have introduced yourself and your project, your backers would want to know more details about this project.

  • We are raising funds to build a professional music studio so that we can continue working on our music and our upcoming album titled 'Time Travel'. The inspiration for this album comes from childhood memories, video games and background scores. Currently we have finished working on the title track from this album and for the remaining songs we need to have a professional studio setup for which we have launched this campaign.
  • The problems we're facing currently is that we have an old and outdated studio setup which doesn't function well and is limiting our capabilities to create what we want. Our current setup consists of a very slow Core i3-2100 Intel Processor and a pair of studio speakers. To build a professional studio setup we need high end hardware and equipment.
  • In the past we have done remixes for International Artists and our music has garnered a lot of views and support on all social media platforms. We also hope to release our music on  Record Labels in India/ Internationally. We want to charter into new territories like working on Music for FIlms, Background Scores etc.
  • Each and every contributor is important to our journey and only with your help will we be able to put out our music and complete our unfinished projects and release them.

The Risk and Challenges:

In the past, the challenges and hurdles we faced were with regards to our projects not being completed on time due to an outdated setup and we overcame these challenges by renting a professional studio which is time consuming and expensive.

By having a professional setup we will be able to achieve our targets on time and we will be able to produce and release more music.


All the best Sine & Square!!


All the best and wish you great success


I love their immense passion towards music and i love their work as well :) Break a Leg Sine & Square :)