please Help A Blanket & Save A Life This Winter Appeal

by kotikala chandrasheakar

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About the project :


There is hard winter season every year in guntur, where a lot single women and poorest old age person die due to lack of winter warm clothing. But government, local governance and society don't take care for facilities to these vulnerable old age persons. If they fall ill, also there are no one who take care and provide medical facilities. They urgently require warm clothing i.e. blanket to prevent from death due to hard cold. They live a very hard and miserable life in winter season.The organization has conducted survey on the status of old age poor women in the winter season . The report reveals that they are seriously lacking warm clothes, such as blanket and this create problem for them in winter season. The report also reveals that a large no of Poor old age persons and women death occurs in winter season due to lack of warm cloths. Due to deep poverty and ignorance by family, they are not able to manage the warm clothes & Blanket to save the life in winter season.Most needy Old Age persons and women life would be safe in hard winter season. Most Needy Old age persons and women would get warm clothing facilities The confidence of old age persons and women would improve. It has improved their life expectancy, respect and ultimately their dignity. please help 

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