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About the project :

There are more than 98 million small-scale farmers in India. Out of those, 42 percent lacks access to any form of formal credit while more than 65 percent lacks access to short-term credit for functional farm needs. Surprisingly, only 12 % of the total marginal or small-scale farmers who are under formal credit system owe their loans as bad loans to the banks. Rest all the bad loans are owed by medium or large-scale farmers. But owing to lack of proper control mechanism by financial institutions and lack of financial planning by farmers, the small-scale farmers are still considered non-bankable.

Similar is the case with farm mechanization of farms of small-scale farmers. Only 18 percent of small-scale farmers have access to modern farm tools and farm mechanization techniques. Rest all are dependent on manual practices and labour for their farm activities. The labour migration in rural areas has increased the labour cost by more than 13 percent annually in last five years. This has put the burden on input cost of small-scale farmers and has impacted their average farm earning. Owing to low purchasing power and only functional use of tools, farmers do not have access to modern tools. The segregated land patterns and high rentals of local middleman for farm machines make their way of using farm tools more difficult. The reach of modern sapling planters, tillers and harvesters is not even 15 percent in India. We are targeting to solve the functional and real-time credit need of small-scale farmers on a short cycle basis and also deal with lack of access to modern farm tools for their farms with a single platform.

We have introduced a digital platform accessible through a mobile missed a call for farmers for their credit and farm needs. We issue through digital transfer time and farm need-based specific credit packages ranging from INR 500 to INR 5000 to cover their farm input and plantation cost at various cycles of the crop. With credit, they get a subscription to use our tools which are hand driven modern farm tools and they reduce the sowing and harvesting time by more than 70 percent and thus saves a lot of machine and labour cost. This is counted in their interest money only and is not incurred in cash. So, the farmer gets relieved from the burden of borrowing cash to pay for labour and thus also saves interest payment. He/she only requires it for buying various farm inputs.We use the power of descriptive data, the algorithm of demand, primary reference check of our rural network women and motivation check to conduct our credit and tool lending.

The dependency on local rural women network to do the initial primary check of farmers along with their ability to handle renting of tools are the two biggest risks. Although, the renting and primary check is synchronized with data and digital platform, the main task is entrusted with the network of rural women. Secondly, the task of teaching a farmer how to use his/her mobile phone to do the payment and credit return digitally through a mobile message. 

Manuring It! is targeting 30 million farmers in India. We are targeting farmers who do not have access to modern farm tools or farm inputs owing to the excessive cost of the inputs and tools by giving them input based credit to multiply their income by reducing input cost and increasing output value. We have collaborated with nearly 12 Self Help Groups in Gaya district of Bihar and we will collaborate with 100 Self Help Groups in next five years to increase our operations in other states of India. The women members of self-help group enable our ground and credit check of farmers and tool renting business on revenue sharing pattern. This is the time when companies need to think innovative ways to reduce farmers’ stress in managing credit and farms by leveraging technology to empower farmer to minimize his/her dependence on credit.



I support "Help women farmers to access modern tools for agriculture" and have contributed towards the campaign!

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I support "Help women farmers to access modern tools for agriculture" and have contributed towards the campaign!