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About the project :


OVERVIEW : SEX TRAFFICKING, a highly cruel form of modern slavery – especially of young girls, is an extremely lucrative criminal activity. Since 1993, approximately 7000+ girls horribly trapped in brothels in wretched conditions have been rescued & repatriated. 15,000+ girls (and also their babies born of uncertain fathers) have been rehabilitated in Rescue Foundation shelter homes. These victims are primarily minor girls bought and sold for forced prostitution. RF’s direct intervention begins with Investigation & Rescue, then Rehabilitation till finally Repatriation & Reintegration. It simultaneously addresses the physical, psychological, behavioral, social, and economic issues encountered by these girls who have undergone unimaginable horrors at a tender age. RF is accredited by the Government of Maharastra state, the Girls and Child Development Board (Mumbai). Rescue Foundation’s vision is a secure world for girls & children, devoid of human trafficking, and an empathetic society with compassion towards trafficked girls.


ACTION : RF operates all over India through its own network of informers, investigative and rescue teams, legal aid department and also protective & shelter home facilities in a homely environment for girls - including rescued sex-slaves, rape victims, unwed mothers, HIV+/AIDS afflicted victims from red light areas etc. These shelter homes are located in a 7-storey complex at Kandivali (Mumbai) for 100+ girls, a 2-storey complex in Hadapsar (Pune) for 100+ girls, and a protective & rehabilitation centre cum farm complex in 50 acre river-side site at Boisar (near Mumbai) for 200+ girls. A new fourth shelter home for 100+ girls is also coming up in Delhi too. The victims are provided totally free-of-cost food, clothing, shelter, medications, counseling, legal aid, vocational training, recreation, repatriation etc.


CHALLENGE : The victims of this ghastly atrocity are from all over India, and from countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, and at times from Russia, Uzbekistan, Uganda etc. Girls as young as 9 - 12 years old are traded by ruthless human traffickers and vicious brothel-keepers. The helpless girls locked up in inhuman conditions, are subjected to brutal tortures (including – but not limited to burning of breasts and genitals with cigarettes, beatings, chaining with fetters), acute starvation while being locked up in small cages and hidden attics, vicious intimidation and horrific gang-rapes, till they are physically exhausted, mentally ruined and emotionally wrecked. The de-humanized girls surviving this wretched situation eventually lose all fragments of hope, and end up being coerced and exploited for forced prostitution - and often as sex slaves or sex toys, and also for pornography.


SOLUTION: Pro-actively ensure the 4 Ps of anti-human trafficking : Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnership. RF actively partners with Indian as well as international Government and Non-Government Organizations to co-ordinate nation-wide investigations and to add synergies to its anti-human trafficking activities.


LONG-TERM IMPACT: RF's work has had tremendous impact by improving the lives of thousands of suffering girls & their unfortunate children affected by the direct or indirect consequences of human trafficking, including victims of sexploitation, slavery, HIV/AIDS, rape, unwanted pregnancies etc. continues to set new records in the biggest cross-border repatriations of victims of human trafficking. On an average, through carefully planned and executed rescue operations, RF’s own raid-n-rescue teams rescue 300+ traumatized girls annually and provide shelter for 400+ girls in distress sent by Government and other agencies. RF’s dedicated, devoted and determined result-oriented staff repatriates an average of 700+ rehabilitated girls every year, after their tears of joy finally washes away their past grief.




While giving is best done as an act of pure human love for our less fortunate brethren, we appreciate that tax benefits will help you stretch your contributions even further. Contributions to this donation option are eligible for tax benefits u/s 80G as well as 35 AC of the Indian Income Tax Act.


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