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by Sonia Gupta

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About the project :

India’s rich heritage and culture remains unparalleled, be it Paintings, Pottery, Carving Handicrafts,  Dressing  or  Ornaments. India has rich and diversified  heritage and world loves it

Indian Art Hub is an online e-commerce portal to Buy / Rent Designer, Creative Artifacts, Apparel and Objects D’art, from different parts of India. 

Indian Art Hub, aims specifically to identify Ethnic and Creative stuff, in India and bring  local Artists, Creative Artisans, manufacturers from
various cities and towns, from obscurity into the limelight. Our Moto is To connect all the genuine talent, sellers (with local specialties), in small centers, villages and towns, to buyers across the world. 


At the helm of this innovative, culturally conscious endeavor is the Founder of, Mrs Sonia Gupta. She has more than 18 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing Web and Online Business. All operations and marketing solutions are being handled and run by Sonia with a small dedicated team.

Pain Areas:


  • Passionate promoter who understands this space.
  • Unique products created, with innovative ideas, than traditional market place.
  • Exclusivity and Branding support from IAH.
  • Established marketing ways, different from traditional e-commerce business, to capture, women, with no skills to make online purchase.
  • Huge Domestic and Global Market.

The Opportunity – Art and Crafts market:

Indian market for Handicraft: USD 7Billion (source: GOI)

Global Market  for Handicraft: USD 100 Billion

Indian Art market was USD 200 million (in 2013) 

Global art market size is over USD 15 billion. (China market share alone was USD 6 billion whereas India has a very small share with an opportunity to grow)

Indian Ecommerce size is expected to reach USD 100 billion (from current USD 17 billion) by 2020 contributing to 4% of GDP. India will be the world’s fastest growing Ecommerce market place.

E-commerce sector is estimated to see a 72% jump in the average annual spend on online purchases per individual in 2016, from the current level of  65%.

Growing  logistics sector to cater to the needs of the ecommerce market

Future Strategy:

Technology up gradation, best seller engagement, identification of demand for products and designs, creative campaigns for innovative product marketing, bringing women who are not tech savvy to use the highly user friendly portal, ensuring no duplication of products, ensuring quality of products sold through the portal and providing personalized services to the vendors who are new to online sales by identifying, training, managing product upload till delivery of the orders.

Expansion Plans:

Expand beyond domestic market targeting MENA region and Muslims dominated regions where there is a great demand for Indian Ethnic wear. Add more sellers from traditional rural artisans to show case the products through the portal.

Indian Art Hub is looking for partners, who can help us to fulfill our dreams and reach the world.

Indian Art Hub is important to us, as it fulfills our dream and passion for the taking Indian Stuff, everywhere. And we thank each one who is contributing to us, to reach our goal, in direct or indirect ways. We welcome Partners and contributers, to be part of Us.



Risks and Challenges :

Risk and Challenges we can face is the fierce online competition, and thus have to remain continuously on toes.  Indian market place is challenged not only by different season, but number of festivals also, apart from, tradition competition, one need to continuously gear for Indian Market.

Indian Art Hub has been generating sales at small level. We have been optimising all levels, of the business models to increase profits

 Small campaigns have been launched to check the effectiveness, demographics, customer psychology, for different products, different seasons, so as to create best practices for marketing and Sales and guidelines for our stores. 

Optimized system: We have tried to have most of the systems automated, from product upload, invoicing dispatch and accounting, saving huge man hour cost as well make it  better experience for  sellers and customers

We’ve been working with the sellers and provide  personal guidance  and promotion to obtain online best deals, exclusive product designing, Special products . Exclusive deals---- only on IAH.

Complete product upload support and quick invoicing shipping options for ease of operation.

Other Ways You Can Help :

We would like every person to support, us in our endeavour to promote Indian heritage and culture and bring it to limelight.

We are good and we have worked hard in our venture and in future also we will keep working with the same passion. Something to note:

  • Pilot completed with good traction. Ready to expand and scale
  • Global Requirements
  • Exclusive products, with low pricing compared to other portals
  • Created sale points beyond traditional market places
  • High margin on niche products

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