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by Sameer Patnaik

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  • We provide end to end solution in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) space. From procuring, installing and calibrating the smart sensors - to - Advance Analytical Diagnostics guided by Augmented Reality Solutions. Our solutions increase asset health, production efficiency by reducing downtime, failure predictions and real time diagnostics.
  • Our campaign is all about garnering all the support needed to make us more competitive in any competition. If we have a certain number of supporters we can convine our potential stakeholders to support our technology startup.
  • This campaign will helps us in winning key competitions around different platforms. 

The pitch:

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  • We would be providing one stop solution where the customer need to not concerned about reaching out to there OEM's, Vendors for this solution implementation. We would provide end to end stack in the IIoT setup. As this product is being handcrafted in India, the manufacturing customers in India would have an edge over others who embrace our product and services. Their efficiency and cost of production will reduce to a lot extent. This would give them an edge over their competitors and the production rate would go higher. If their production rates go higher then it would help the whole economy to grow. We look our product and services to be implanted in each and every manufacturing industry.
  • We are team of individuals who have experience in Industrial Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Solutions. It is our competitive advantage over others where the IT(Information Technology) and OT(Operational Technology) world merge to understand the basic challenges and issues from shop floor to analytics. This helps in developing a customer centric product.
  • Machstatz - Is a part of Government of Karnataka Supported Incubation Centre in Bangalore known as 91Springboards. Our start-up is govt. recognized and avail all the facilties being provided by the Government.
  • Team Machstatz - Has technology partners like Microsoft Biz Spark, Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud Platform.
  • Team Machstatz was recognized as runner up of Elevate 100 programme - A competition organized by Government of Karnataka.
  • Team Machstatz - Recognized by different incubation centres like CISCO H-Farm, Revx Hardware Accelerator, TiE - Global Entrepreneurship Orgnization, Bangalore. 


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