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by Rony Banerjee

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About the project :

Kahaanighar is a social enterprise established by the couple, Meenakshi Jha Banerjee, a painter and Rony Banerjee, a Design Thinker. They say, " we have taken a lot from the society. ‘’It's time to pay back” They had been paying back to the society through Kahaanighar which has emerged over last two years as an outfit which nurtures and imbibes culture into children and the society around them. The entire cost of affairs until the date is borne by the couple from their own income. Kahaanighar conducts film shows, art sessions, musical symposiums, creative camps, maths classes and many more such activities against no fees. Its a place with free entry for all.
Of late, Kahaanighar realized the need for spreading the good works amongst peers, friends, and society in order to encourage more social entrepreneurs to follow the steps of the initiative at their own places and own levels. Kahaanighar thought the best way was to publish newsletters in print format and send them across, laced with the ideologies and inferences on a regular basis,  besides social media and other electronic ways.
Even today, the feel that a Newspaper gives, cannot be cherished through an e-newsletter.
Since September 2016, Kahaanighar Times is being published as a monthly newsletter. November onwards, another newsletter Autism Times was also added.
The newsletters are being distributed free to children, social organizations, schools, institutions, opinion stakeholders and everyone.
We request you to support the printing and publishing cost for 1000 copies for 1 year, until it stabilizes and starts generating its own revenues for sustenance.

Click Here to read all the newsletters till date. 
To know more about Kahaanighar and its initiatives, do visit and or walk in anytime at Kahaanighar Patna premises at Road No 6, Rajendra Nagar, Patna - 800016.
Cost Breakup:
Sr.N   Particulars Qty/month Cost/unit
Per Month
Per Annum
1.   Kahaanighar Times 4 Pager 
Tabloid size. Black and white Newsletter
Offset Printed
  a. Orient Paper 1000 1 1000 12000
  b. Composing & Design 1 250 250 3000
  c.  Printing 1000 0.75 750 9000
  d. Address Printing 400 0.25 100 1200
  e. Postage (Book Post) 400 5 2000 24000
  f. Courier 100 10 1000 12000
  g. Manpower 1 900 900 10800
  h. Editorial Honorarium  1 1750 1750 21000
  i. Paid Content 1 1500 1500 18000
  j. Internet 1 300 300 3600
  k. Rent/Tax etc 1 500 500 6000
  l. Contegencies 1 300 300 3600
      SUB TOTAL     124200
2.   Autism Times 4 Pager 
Tabloid size. Black and white Newsletter
Offset Printed
Same As Above     124200 
      GRAND TOTAL     248400

About the Founders: 

Rony Banerjee:
As a part of the Design Thinking fraternity, I have emerged over almost 18 years of professional exposure, while participating in Social action, Strategic and developmental consultancy with a specific focus on Rural Entreprises, Financial Inclusion, Project management, Academics, Skill development and Corporate business development. I have closely worked within the Govt. and with the Government, during my past associations and currently extending consultancy to HCL Infotech Ltd.
My basic approach towards any assignment, entail close observation,  Planning, evaluation, eye for viable Communication streams, design emerging and agile solutions, continuously analyzing the impacts through grass-root level monitoring for target oriented Business, while in hands  with multiple stakeholders’ inter-alia including clients, partners, and associates.
I have undergone a course in Design Thinking from IIM, Ahmedabad. Besides that I am an MBA (Finance), PG in Design and a Graduate of Commerce (B.Com).
My language skills include fluency in Maithili, Bhojpuri, and Magahi, as I belong to Bihar, besides English, Hindi and Bangla. 

Meenakshi Jha Banerjee:
A contemporary painter by profession, working in this field for the past 20 years, She is best known for her experimentations with the traditional elements of Mithila art forms. Her works are in collections and displays at various Government and Corporate organizations like Offices of Govt. of Bihar, Buddha International Museum, Patna, Dept. of Culture, Dept. of Construction,   Indian railways, Airport Authority, Life insurance corporation of India, Unicef, ITC  etc. Organizations like Indian oil, kalyanpur cement , Allahabad bank, Indian army, IFFCO,  have also patronized her works. In 2014-15, IFFCO took two works for their Corporate collection, and one of them was published on the Cover page of their Annual Report. Recently she was appreciated by the media for Painting her own Car for a cause. She has quite a number of National and State level awards and accolades o her credit as well.She has been covered by National and international Media, widely for her experimentations, which can be easily traced on Google and Youtube.

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