Keep a child warm in this winter

by AJSAIndia

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About the project :

AJSA is a grassroots level non-government and not-for-profit organisation based in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. Facilitating community development initiatives since 1989, working towards the root cause of Poverty and eliminating social injustice and for the down trodden and under privileged section in the remotest part of the country. It is a non-political, community based social development organization involved in sustainable development initiatives since its inception.

The vision of the organization is to create a society free from hunger, poverty, exclusion and discrimination in which all people have the opportunity to exercise their right to a self-determined life in dignity and justice.

The spheres of its work are governed by issues related to Livelihood Security, Health, Education, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction etc.

AJSA has been working more than two decades for the socio-economic development of small marginal farmers, landless labour, agricultural labour, bonded labour as well as women, children, other weaker deprived sections of the society and promote community-based solutions to issues around the empowerment & mainstreaming of deprived village people of Western Odisha.

Balangir, Odisha is one of the most drought-prone regions in the country, with hardly any irrigation infrastructure in place. The landless agriculture workers and the marginal farmers are affected the most in a drought situation. The latter resort to distress mortgaging or selling of their little yet precious land (also other household articles) to none other than the big farmers who are also labor contractors and migrate out along with their families (including school going children, especially girls) to far off places like the brick Kilns in Andhra Pradesh, the carpet industry in Utter Pradesh, construction sites in Maharastra and for rickshaw pulling in Chattisgarh in search of wage employment.

If we will talk about the present scenario of education of Bolangir District, Odisha, it is very poor. A survey made by the Govt. of Odisha says that 33% of schools are having less than 50 student strength and enrolment of SC &ST student is 19.5% and 20% respectively and 18.3% children drop out from school between the age of 6-17. And in our operational block, Bangomunda of Balangir district, 40% of tribal are staying in remote inaccessible villages where there is least access of all regular services like pure drinking water, health services and basic education facilities. Acute poverty compels the community to migrate. Children of migrant workers are the silent sufferers and they Caught in the cycle of splitting their lives for equal periods in two different locations each year, children of school-going age are deprived of their rights to education.

In this context AJSA Odisha started its initiative of Bridge School Programme to provide the basic education to the tribal children’s who are deprived and to increase literacy rate in Bangomunda with the support of SHCIL Foundation. Through this unique initiative AJSA has involved 1630 Children belongs in the age group of 5-12 years, who are basically belongs from migrant families, BPL, school drop-out children’s and other backward groups tribal children and trying to supplement their education level by providing them basic education and health care facilities.

Every day children are coming to our school with lots of excitement. Because this is the place where they spend a major part of their day and get to be with their friends. Coming to school is, for children, the most delightful and enduring journey of the day, says Bridge School children. But the children of Bridge School are not fortunate are those kids who have everything they need and all the facilities that make their life easy. It is heart breaking that these volunerable children are coming to the school without a sweater even in the chilled winter when the temprature is around 9 to 10 degree centigrade. Due to the acuteness of poverty the parents are not able to purchase a sweater for their children which ultimately forcing the children to keep away from their education and making them unhealthy for common cold disease. And in present days the attendance of Bridge School going less to 43%.

You can lend  your helping hand for these deprived children and bring them the happiness of learning.

Your tax-deductible donation can support these deprived children to continue their education without breakups and keep them safe from sickness of common cold.


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