Kuch Bhi

by Rahul Yadav

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About the project :

What inspired Rahul to pick up the subject:
Given a preference for boys over girls that many male-dominated societies have, gender inequality can manifest itself in the form of the parents wanting the newborn to be a boy rather than a girl. This may turn out to be mere daydream or a nightmare, depending on one's perspective.
Women live hard lives from day one, born with no fanfare, contrasting starkly to the six-day celebration to mark the birth of a boy.
In Indian ancient history, Women were held in high esteem and the position of a woman in the Vedas and the Upanishads was that of a mother (maata) or goddess (Devi). Even in the early Vedic age, girls were looked after with care. 
In contrast, with the development of science and technology, female foeticide is being practiced on a large scale and the position of women has deteriorated.
People living in metros often talk about the miseries of small villages of India, but it’s easier to imagine such a world over a cup of coffee than actually living that life. We have not yet reached gender equality in metro cities in true sense and still the educated bold women have to work hard to prove a point or make their mark…what happens to a baby girl born in some village in Uttar Pradesh, will she even get to buy a name for herself or she will be called ??? ?? for the rest of her life.

Swami Vivekananda, once said,
‘’It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved”

Excerpts from the Script:
“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” by W.E.B.Du Bois, and this story depicts the journey of one of these women who chose to rise and look up at the silver lining in the clouds.
It’s a matter of perspective, it’s easy to play the victim - one can choose to focus on the negatives and be miserable or choose to look at the positives and fight back & make your own way.
To highlight this issue of gender inequality, our team has come up with a script and is in process of selecting the cast for the same. This is a story of a girl named “??? ??”
                                    William Shakespear once said "what's there in name"
                           His words became reality in her life when she was named "??? ??"



It all happened in the month of June, 1990 that afternoon where a joint family was eagerly waiting for a boy to be born and the ceremonial preparations were in full swing along with entire village. Family and relatives were sitting and discussing the name of the boy to be born; they hear the cry and then silence took over the excitement and suddenly things changed when a girl child is born...
                                                        a child named "??? ??".
The film revolves around this girl child named ??? ??, kuch bhi's insignificance and nonexistence for people around her, as being considered probably another body to reproduce one day. This story is about how this little girl "??? ??" fought against all odds and turns around her non-existing, futile life and the same village people comes forward and organize a NaamKaran Sanskar ceremony of KuchBhi on her 25th birthday. Exactly the way they would have done it for a baby boy 25 years back when ??? ?? was born.
The story also captures the emotion, the dilemma, the wait and the silence of a mother whose daughter was named ??? ??….

Even Hamley, one of the largest toy retailers of the world, once used to have different floors with different colors to demarcate the section– Pink represents Girl and Blue – Boy. Even, Hamley’s has abandoned its toy shop 'gender apartheid', scrapping its separate floors for boys and girls and their respective blue and pink signs.

Team Profile:
Rahul Yadav: Director
Rahul Yadav is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. Rahul is an actor, and has worked in couple of movies and leading theater plays. He has also directed many corporate ad films and has acted as Assistant Director for Indian movies. Currently, he works for Purple Pebble Pictures as Asst. Director. Rahul is an avid traveller and a professional photographer. As a social initiative, he is associated with Children's theatre 'KHILONA' and NIWANT (School for blind children) in Pune.

Rahul's latest work

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMK4du5MT1A   (For Teach for India)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt9h5CPnxyA    (For NSDC Commercial)

Sachin Sharma: Director of Photography He is an alumnus of FTII, Pune.

Rahul Gupta: Editor:

Rahul was born and brought up in a small town in Bihar, khagul which means Universe. One day, while he was watching, ‘Amores Perros’ while doing his graduation, he decided to pursue the film making as a career. Later he joined FTII, Pune. 
His website link is,

Sumit Kuhate: Audiographer:

Sumit hails from Nagpur, Maharashtra and is an alumnus from FTII, with specialist in Audiography field. His project Prabhat Nagari has received many awards and has been appreciated by experts.
The ‘Song we wrote’, for which he acted as sound designer and mixing engineer, won 2015 Pune Int. Film Festival best audiography award

Ajay Sharma: Art Director:

Ajay is a graduate in Visual arts and is based out of Mumbai. His recent project as production designer, Happy Journey won the Best Art Director award at Maharashtra State Film Award (2015) and the film also won two other national awards at 61st national awards. His latest commercial release was Welcome to Karachi. He has also worked for Liar's Dice.
His website link is,


Risks and Challenges :

Our biggest challenge is to honor the community that inspired us, while simultaneously maintaining our mission to tell deeply delicate and sensitive story.
We want to ensure that KUCH BHI results out to be the best, most respectful, honest, and beautiful representation of the reality of everyone involved. There’s so much depth connected to the story behind Girl childs born in rural India – potent, haunting stories of pain, trauma, and triumph that haven’t been told, that could add extraordinary depth and texture to the topic.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is not always necessary to be through monetary funds. If you like our script and profile, you can support our cause by  promoting our campaign on social media, spreading message and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign.

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