Kudumbashree Initiative: Organic Farming

by Harshvardhan Pandey

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About the project :


We are second year management students from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM K). The project is a brainchild of Social Development Project (SDP), which is aimed at bridging the gap between the educational institution and the community as well as to enable students to appreciate, understand and extend their skills to the management of public resources and services. The project “Marketing of Organic products” would help in creating a platform to the NGO’s and the government authorities involved to promote healthy eating habits and Organic products. Before delving into what the project is all about we would like to put forward a few facts regarding the rising concerns of pesticides usage. 

Scary scenario

  • 2,00,000 people are killed by pesticides every year
  • 68,000 farmers and workers poisoned yearly
  • Gastro-intestinal cancer has been on the rise due to consumption of vegetables, which have high pesticide residue

In order to address the alarming concern of pesticide usage, we as students of IIM K joined hands with the local municipality to create awareness amongst the people and to promote the consumption of organic products. The project involves designing of a value chain for organic products and linking the various elements of the value chain by an app.

Probable outcomes of the project:

  • Rise in the consumption of Organic products
  • Creation of employment
  • Reduction in the number of cancer related deaths


We believe that the project has a great potential to make a difference in the lives of people. The project needs considerable funding help for pilot testing. If proven successful, the local government could be approached to launch this initiative on a large scale.


As our funds are limited, we are looking for people who are willing to promote this cause. Help us by sharing the details of this initiative with your network and making this a success. 


Risks and Challenges :

There are two major risk that we have identified that may delay or hinder our project:

1) There is a risk of choosing the wrong app developer who may give a sub-optimal product to Municipal Corporation. Therefore, we have taken up the responsibility of developing the app. Starting from hiring the app developer and managing the development of app and ensuring that the app design and functionality is according to the expectations of the Mukkum Muncipality Corporation's officials.

2) The sellers and the Municpal Corporation in-charge would need to understand the complete framework about the system we are developing. This will include the supply chain, operational and maintanence knowledge of app. We aim to address this issue by training officials of  Mukkum Muncipality who in turn would pass on the knowledge to farmers and sellers. 

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