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by Tapash Debnath

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About the project :


Hello. My name is Tapash Debnath. Working in Indian Railways as a Senior Section Engineer. I am the sole owner of this idea and I have no team or partners yet. I actually want to set up library chain in semi urban to rural cities. I am also looking people who wants to associate with this plan can mail me directly to Any investee want to partner me is also welcome. I will initially invest some but funding obviously needed as i need to associate peoples to serve,money needed for buying books , furnitures etc.  The idea is something like that-


  • I will intially start with one such library in my native place which is 45 km from kolkata , westbengal in my own place so that i dont have to pay rent. That place is semi urban and believe me it will be ideal one.
  • In this digital era people have access to lots of ebook services but rural students cant afford them or they have not proper access of proper library in their place.
  • I feel hard cover books have better impact than those ebooks.
  • Todays clild lost the charm of reading. Lots of social networking and internet things filled their mind and waste their pass time. Today it is hard to find childs who says their hobby is reading books. Limited opportunity is also one reason for loosing those minds to expand. Certainly library in those arears make youths to fill their mind with some good content.
  • Library fees will be minimal to reach the poor childs who can afford it easily.
  • I want to go online also so that people can check out every new books. Request books . Subscribe monthly plans as per their need. Rent a single book too. Sound similar to just books?

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