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About the project :

Majority of the customers in organized retail researches online before any purchase or visit. So an actively reaching out to your potential customers is the need of the hour, rather than they searching for you. Some of you chose to pay as high as a few lakh rupees just to out-beat competitors on some listing site when customers do a related search. My friends, your customers were looking for you, all you are now to them is a rating on a listing site. If you infer what I mean. Your Outlet as a Brand is losing its strength to listing websites, who can later choke you, and Yes THEY WILL.

Time To chose SMART DATA to beat competitors by actively reaching out to your customers and establishing yourself as a strong retail brand that customers love and refer.

Introducing Litifer Bot‘Sara’. Your WhatsApp buddy marketing tool. Reach out to millions of nearby customers in real time. Want to leverage an opportunity immediately, Just instruct our Bot with an offer, we will do the rest. From options to choose unlimited creatives to on all digital platforms, Litifer does everything over WhatsApp chat in under 30 minutes.

Just WhatsApp ‘Hi” on 9528817850 I assure you, this product will free a lot of your work time by simultaneously reaching out to customers while creating a strong brand Identity.

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