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Flexible Funding

About the project :

Why do we need fund?

The District Physically Handicapped Welfare Assosciation had been established in 1997 at Garaimari of Kamrup district (rural). Since then it had been being engaged in working for the welfare of the differently abled persons braving many odds.

Here the differently abled students are given free education, food, lodging, medical treatments and clothes. The old differently abled persons are also free food, lodging, clothes and medical treatments. There are two hostels- one for the girls and the other for the boys. All the inmates are given free food, education, medical treatments, clothes, etc.

Moreover training on weaving, handicrafts ect. are imparted so that the differently abled persons become self reliant.

Steps are going to be taken for imparting training on computer applications, depending upon the availability of funds.

Health camps are also organised now and then for those people.

Now we are having about 33 differently abled students plus eight old disabled persons and we are trying to give them a decent life. We have to depend on donations from the philanthropists.

Through the district administration, certificates to the persons with disabilities (P.W.D.) are issued so that they can avail themselves the facilities extended to the P.W.D.

We require fund now so that we may give square meals to the inmates, clothes, medical facilities and education to the differently abled students and for organising training programmes on income generating courses.

We have stuff numbering about ten. They are to be given salaries of some amount.

We require funds to set up foundation for their livelihood like livestock farming, weaving, fishery ect...

Initially we require Rs. 5,00,000 to implement the projects like various training programmes and to run the hostels and give the people all the necessary requirements as mentioned earlier including proper sanitary facilities.

It would be helpful for us if we received the necessary fund within 2 months from the application.

The District Physically Handicapped Welfare Association has been set up with two girls, one girl who was born handicapped was thrown into the fire by her parents as she was considered to be curse for them, that girl was picked up and was given shelter in a house and the other girl has been picked up from the street as she was left by her parents \,she was found crying helplessly. This way the organisation had come into being. Gradually the number increased.

These people are given free food and lodging. So, donations given by anyone would do a lot in solving the financial crises that our organisation has been facing.

Our idea is to create an ambience where the differently abled persons would be able to live enjoying the facilities and the positions of general people. Needless to say nobody can feel happy to live in the world around where some people have to live in tears. And I am sure there are well wishers for them who would help them and feel satisfaction by contributing some amount of money which will help the differently abled persons to a great extend. 

The organisation has to face many difficulties to provide square meals, clothing etc. to the inmates due to scarcity of funds. Therefore the funds which will be collected from this campaign is like a ray of hope for those people. This will bring smiles to their faces which has been depressed.

Already we have imparted training on weaving and handicrafts to those people. It may be noted that the clothes woven in the looms by them are sold in the market nearby and the income goes to the fund required for their own necessity.

Now we are trying to organise income generating courses to them like computers, poultry farming etc..

It may also be noted that our organisation is registered under 1)Sec 80 (g) 2) 12(a) 3) FCRA 4)P.W.D. The donors would get 50% tax rebate as our society is registered under 80(g) income tax act.


Risks and Challenges :

There might be some risk as the handicapped sometimes may fail to raise to our expectations in utilizing their knowledge. But it is our challenge to motive them in every aspects.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Apart from monetary help we always welcome suggestions of our well wishers for the upliftment of the organisation. The persons willing to help us in any way or want to volunteer their services may contact through email id-

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