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About the project :

About The Project:

Public Transportation is an important aspect in our life for mobility and also for nation’s development. In this fast paced world there are requirements for travelling by public transport in terms of :

—Connecting all the places.

— Accommodate more passengers.

— Simpler process for travelling.

— Reaching the destination in time.

One such mode of transportation that almost satisfies the above terms and also which is recently being very popular is Metro Train system.    


   To develop an Android App for Metro Train Ticketing System:

—Allows the user to book metro train tickets and receive a receipt online.

—The receipt number for the particular travel is used as key at the automatic checking terminal for entering and exiting the platform.

—Allows user to recharge his account for buying tickets through online payment.

Existing System:

—The passengers are required to wait in the queue for booking the tickets.

—Ticket coins are issued as a ticket, thereafter the user has to use this coin for entering and exiting the platform.

—Also smart cards are for daily/frequent users where they can use it by recharging, which is also done by standing in a queue.



Disadvantages of Existing System:

—Sometimes instead of excessive waiting in the queue, people prefer to travel by their own vehicle instead of public transport.

—Booking ticket via ticket counter after killing time on the ticket window, may sometimes lead to missing up of the train as well.

—If the ticket coin is lost then it is difficult to enter and exit the platform, which leads to further complications in the journey.

Proposed System:                                                                                                                       

—The proposed system is android application which provides the user to buy a ticket for travelling in a metro train online.

—The user just needs to download and install this application then login or sign up, the latter in case of first time user.

—Select the source and destination of the travel. The ticket can be booked through the user’s net-banking or credit/debit card account.

—Receiving a ticket receipt number is used for entering and exiting the platform.


A remedy for the 70 lakh people by using an android app. It will reduce the time they spend standing in the line, thus making their journey convenient and easy.     


—Saves time.

—Easy to access and use.

—No issue of losing ticket coins as it is replaced by a ticket receipt number.

Future Work:

  • The validation of key can be done using a microcontroller with the help of SMS.

  • Also the details of train timings, routes can be projected in the App.

  • Implementation of ticket in the form of QR code, helps station level security, saves huge work for ticket checkers .                                                                                     .

Other Ways You Can Help :

  • Contribution is not always necessary to be through monetary funds. If you like our work and profile, you can support our cause by promoting our campaign on social media, spreading message and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign.

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