Nutrition In Emergencies to Save lives in disaster

by Satish Srivastava

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About the project :

I am public health and nutrition expert and have been supporting development agencies in designing and implementing development projects and emergency/disaster response programs from over one and a half decade with many development agencies. While working in emergency response programs I learned that emergencies put affected populations at a much higher risk of becoming malnourished, and this, in turn, leads to an increase in disease and death. On the other hand, I have always realized that emergency specific nutrition-related skills and competencies of agencies in India and Asia, the most disaster prone area on the globe, has huge scope of advancements and need to be updated with newer technologies and techniques so that specific nutritional requirement of the most vulnerable i.e. children and women can be addressed appropriately during emergencies. Hence deaths due to malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies can be averted. A few years back I came across  a short training course on ‘Nutrition In Emergencies’ (NIE) conducted by the Institute for Global Health (part of University College London) in collaboration with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center in Thailand ( ). The objective of this initiative is to boost capacity in NIE, particularly in the regions that are most susceptible to humanitarian emergencies. The eleven days long course have been specifically designed to help develop practical skills that enable participants to support emergency nutrition responses more effectively.

I checked with one of the Europe-based experts on NiE, she confirmed me that this is the best course available on this subject and recommends me to build my capacity on nutrition in emergencies as a development professional to support agencies working on emergencies i.e. NGOs and government. To prepare myself to provide strategic leadership to humanitarian agencies and governments from the nutrition perspective, I have been applying for the training course from the last couple of years but due to unavailability of funding source I have not been able to fulfill my wish yet. Since the course is expensive (USD 3500 course fee), I needed support in paying the fee and letting my dream come true  . 

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