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About the project :

Onvo is an online social application spread across all major platforms not only concerning with personal social activities but also extended to meet the other social urges of the common public. Onvo provides you with a platform to get in touch with your friends as well via text messages and media transfer. 

Onvo is not just another social networking app. Wee feel that the world already gas enough Social networking apps to work with. Onvo, on the other hand, acts like a supporting app to the existing social networking apps. Create a conversation in Onvo and share it with the world through a social networking service of your choice. You don't need switch from one media to another. But in turn, Onvo provides a platform to bring together all of them under hood.

But with great goals comes great financial requirements. Onvo has already implemented various features and workaround for users to experience within and around the app. There are still prototypes that are available that needs to be fixed and works upon. As of now the group at Onvo s facing difficulties getting server access and to continue the current database usage. This is where the public can come in. The contributors to Onvo will help us get ourselves a dedicated Server for request s within the app and extending our current features. This will greatly help in the further development of the app and achieving greatness in  the coming future. By contributing to Onvo you will be helping us build a platform that shares events and occasions with your friends and family.

The true purpose of Onvo is not just personal messaging, but instead more focussed on the objective of creating conversations/discussions of trending interest or that of matters that need to be reached to the greater public whether it be for the purpose of entertainment, current events or be any other category. Onvo provides a platform for its users achieves this very objective. All the conversations created by the app will calendar based which will notify its users of upcoming occasions or major events. All events created will be as of default defined as public events which can be shared with the general public to whoever has the access to our application from the various major platforms.Onvo provides some range of privacy for its users when these conversations are created. These conversations can be created by anyone who has access to the app and furthermore can be defined as private. When conversations are created under the definition as private they are are not made public. This ensures that everything and anything that comes under them will be solely visible to author only. But it doesn't mean that they cannot be shared with others. There are instances when somethings has to be discussed about under a conversations which are private and not to be shared with the public. In such cases the users can create them under private and then these conversations can be shared with your close friends and acquaintances. 

Onvo by providing you the feature to create conversations are a great way to spread the word on upcoming events or occasions, since they are able to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time. The users who create conversations has the right to add more discussions and topics under that conversation in the form of text, audio and images. Also other people can also contribute to these conversations from their part by adding more related topics under that conversation.

Onvo is not a prototype anymore. Its a working real-world application that can help users spread the word about your concerns. Users can freely join in and drop out of conversations easily. Our nearby feature gives access to discussions/events happening in and around your vicinity so you can know whats happening around you.

What we plan to achieve is to raise the app to a global level with more access to the app than ever. Onvo will soon become a common app that everybody uses during an event. Whether it be a birthday party or a concert, Onvo will notify of its presence then and there.

Risks and Challenges :

The app has significant technical challenges that we will need to overcome to get to our goal: 

The greatest one being that of sheer processing power. Considering we are using geolocation and location based querying to find conversations close to you, a complex query like that would need quite a bit of compute power, much more than woud be available on smartphones nowadays. This would require the use of additional servers to offload the processing power to the cloud, making the app really fast and responsive. We intend to do this leveraging the power of Google's Cloud Platform, creating a Node.js server to handle complex location queries and push notifications.

The app would also require a large database to hold the data generated from the device, be it images, video, metadata and location data. We rely on Google's Firebase platform to store data and there would be a cost to scaling that up for large scale use. Since we are constantly faced with poor network connectivity, we are optimising the app for poor network coverage and making sure that the amount of data we use is kept to a minimum, to keep the app really light and fast.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Help us spread a word about this campaign, share it with your network, by contributing to Onvo you will be helping us build a platform that shares events and occasions with your friends and family.

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