Photo Print Camp - Celebrate Girl Child

by Rohit Nayak

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About the project :

“If I Could Give You One Special Thing In Life. It Would Be The Ability To See Yourself Through My Eyes. Only Then You Would Realize How Special You Are To Me.”

We all love clicking pictures and capturing the special moments of our lives and even showing them to our friends. We click, we celebrate, and we cherish forever the happy memories that we have captured at the happiest times of our lives be it weddings, anniversaries, graduations, the birth of our child and growing up years. But there are many young girls who are deprived of this joy. Let alone clicking a picture, even their birth in this world brings unhappiness to their families.

Through our initiative “Photo Print Camp” we wish to capture those lovely moments and celebrate the birth of a girl child and show the joy that comes along with having a daughter.

What is Photo Print Camp?

“Photo Print Camp” is an amazing, unique camp which is to be organized by “LIKE GIRL BIRTH” campaign to spread the love for the little girls out there and to create a better bond and understanding between the daughters and their mothers. 

Through this camp event of “print photo” we want to celebrate the birth of every girl child in the world. 

We are going to click pictures of the young girls playing, dancing, smiling and would give them a copy of those pictures instantly.

There are so many mothers and daughters out there who don’t have a picture of the day when they first saw each other with them. Even if they do have the pictures they are on their cell phones or a laptop or computer, which they seldom look at. So, “LIKE GIRL BIRTH” through the “PHOTO PRINT CAMP” would be clicking pictures of those lovely moments of mothers and their daughters together so as to celebrate the birth of their girl child as well to make that moment even more special by clicking and capturing it and then gifting those pictures photo framed to them. So that the most special moment of their lives always remain in front of them and safe too.


  • The main objective of Photo Print Camp is to celebrate every girl child’s birth around the globe.
  • Along with celebrating the birth of every girl child, we aim to gift mothers and their little daughters a token of gratitude and love in the form of their instant clicked and photo framed pictures.
  • It aims to motivate the world to love and like the little girls and celebrate their births.
  • “PHOTO PRINT CAMP” being an initiative camp event by “LIKE GIRL BIRTH” campaign, wants to spread out the lovely message to Like Girl Birth to the world.


  • “PHOTO PRINT CAMP” which is an event hosted by “LIKE GIRL BIRTH” campaign will be organized at various hospitals, rural areas, schools, and societies.
  • “PHOTO PIRNT PRINT would visit every such place possible where they can spread positivity and happiness regarding the birth of girl child.
  • “PHOTO PRINT CAMP” aims at spreading out a lovely message to celebrate the birth of every girl child across the globe.

You can play your part by sponsoring each picture, as the names of all the sponsors would be written and included during the camp. You can donate the price for each picture print and help us.


I support "Photo Print Camp - Celebrate Girl Child" and have contributed towards the campaign!


It's a good noble cause.


I support "Photo Print Camp - Celebrate Girl Child" and have contributed towards the campaign!