Preserve Cows for Mankind in Society.


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About the project :

About the Barnamala Educational & Cultural Society Barnamala Educational & Cultural Society is a not-for-profit organization based in Kharagpur, West Bengal. Established on 13th March 2005, the Society works in various sectors in Paschim Medinipur District and many other socially and economically underdeveloped areas in West Bengal.

The objective of the Society is to help the needy people to achieve and sustain a better quality of life and to strengthen their involvement, their rights and responsibility in the fast growing development of the country Vision:- To evolve a pragmatic strategy in ensuring better lives for humanity at large. To inculcate self building potentials among the poor and marginal. To encourage peoples’ movement for their emancipation. To create a direct message for people in participatory development.

To epitomize women a sense of belonging in the mainstream of social life Mission:- Barnamala Educational & Cultural Society conceives the mission to thrive away gender inequality and economic deprivations of the poorest of the poor by balancing growth pattern between haves and have nuts.

Core Values:- We shall always Endeavour to achieve and reflect Compassion, Commitment, Service, Discipline , Integrity , Accountability , Transparency in all our activities and actions


Risks and Challenges :

Risks and challenges are a part and parcel of our life. The fundamental problem is in adequate fund. We are facing day by day the great challenge for providing food and proper treatment to the cows. Not only that sometimes we are unable to pay the workers and thus their family also suffering. But our organisation have been giving the best to overcome it. Fact is that if we can continue this project, the overall brutal view of the community to the animals will be changed. We have taken 125 animals under our roof where we are giving them treatment, food.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Asking for someone's time is far more difficult than accumulating funds. If you cannot support us in monetary terms, spare some time & see our organisation  work

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