ProBano- Help school students make an informed career choice

by Aditya Bose

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About the project :

Have you made your own career choice? Have you made an informed career choice? Think about it honestly. I am sure that for many of you, the answer will be no. The financial situation, societal stereotypes that only engineers and doctors are well off, unfulfilled parental desires and lack of awareness are some of the reasons due to which we couldn't make informed career choices.

Most of us don't love what we do for a living. We are more excited for the weekends rather than being excited when we wake up to go to work. The effects? India has produced zero Nobel Laureates in Science after 1947 while the US has 100 plus. We have a total of 26 Olympic medals while the USA had 121 in 2016 Olympics alone. But we produce more engineers than the USA and China combined. Are all those engineers happy in their jobs? No! Every hour, one student commits suicide in India.

Do we want our future generation to make uninformed career choices and suffer from the same plight?

If like us, you also think that shouldn't happen then please join this campaign. At ProBano we are on a mission to help school students explore, discover and pursue their passion.

So what do we do? We provide career based education to middle school students (class VI to XII) through a three step process:
1. Career counselling to help them identify a few career options they would want to explore.
2. Expert sessions to help them learn more about the identified career fields. So a student interested in Law can talk to an accomplished Lawyer.
3. Animated online career based courses to help them explore the identified career field further. Some of our course videos can be seen on

We help a student who doesn't know what career choice to make, become very sure about the career choice he/she wants to make.

This mission can help India's next generation to be happier and more successful in their career fields. This can help India become a powerhouse in different career fields, not only Engineering. Don't you want that?

If you want that to happen, please join us at ProBano in this mission and fund us to show support. We will try our best to give a token of love in return. We are a group of students on this mission. With your support, we can surely accomplish this mission. Thank you for reading.


The service is that elephant in the room that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, healthy career choices are really important, and it's high time someone worked towards it

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Looks good to me

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I support "ProBano- Help school students make an informed career choice" and have contributed towards the campaign!

Thank you so much Niharika :)

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Because i love you and believe in your dreams

Thank you so much for the belief :)