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About the project :

Project ‘Punctured?’ aims to achieve the following:

  1. Effective waste management

By reusing and upcycling worn out, non- biodegradable tyres discarded by the society.

       2.   Women Empowerment

By providing entrepreneurial training and skills to a marginalized women community to ensure sustainability and additional income to make them self-reliant (Women empowerment)

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The Women of Pernephata

These have had little or no access to education. A nearby toll, where the community members made a living out of the sale of small goods, was closed down, rendering them unemployed. 

Team Enactus SCMS, Pune visited the village and interacted with the women of the village to analyze their needs. Subsequently, a suitable business model was devised for these women. The sale of the products of brand ‘Punctured?’ produced by these women thus helps them earn an additional and stable source of income. 

Thus the provision of financial aid for this project would help the execution of every step of this project and empower the women Pernephata financially, emotionally and socially.


Firstly, we plan on expanding our product line further by adding newer and more comfortable furniture models.

Secondly, we plan on addressing the basic needs of the low-income groups by introducing affordable and durable rubber sandals made of discarded tyres. We have nocticed a nationwide problem where countless people walk barefoot due to the lack of affordability of cheap and durable footwear. This leads to many bacterial diseases that become life threatening when not treated. This would be an incredible opportunity to not only help people protect themselves from these diseases but also, to help in the generation of employment for hundreds of people by training them to manufacture these rubber sandals.

Thirdly, taking inspiration from The Swachh Bharat Movement we wish to improve the cleanliness in our society. As a first step to do our bit to contribute towards a cleaner nation, we wish to begin by installing more number of dustbins in the public areas of Pune. We plan on investing in a rudimentary, yet long-lasting model of a dustbin made out of discarded tyres.

Risks and Challenges :

The Challenges faced by us are as follows:

1. Lack of a stable and permanent channel to facilitate the sales of our products.

2. Lack of awareness among the members of our target market about our products and its value.

To solve these possible challenges, as a team, we are implementing the following solutions:

1) Working towards attaining tie-ups with several established furniture brands and furniture stores to enable the display of our products at their showrooms.

2) In order to increase awareness about our cause and spread the word about the value of our unique furniture, we are constantly in the process of conducting regular exhibitons of our products in several parts of Pune. 

We also strongly market our products over various social media platforms to ensure we attract as many customers as possible. 

Other Ways You Can Help :

We would love it if you would spread the word about our project and our campaign!
Also you could post on our Facebook page, 'Enactus SCMS Pune', if you happen to have suggestions on how to improve our products in a more cost effective manner. 

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