Reduce Suicidal Tendency - Children Theater Festival

by Ensemble Theater - Theater to Empower

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About the project :


Ensemble festival aims to bring Theatre education activists from 4 countries joining hands together to fight against Depression & Suicidal tendency among youth and create Drama series for target beneficiary that helps them understand the value of life.

About Organizing Team

Ensemble International Festival is being organized by Ensemble Theater founded by Ujjawal Sinha. Ujjawal is the first candidate from Bhopal to get selected for National School of Drama Theatre-in-Education wing, Tripura.

Ujjawal has been continuously working with International teams in India and abroad. He has already coordinated an International Festival for National School of Drama, Sanskaar Rangtoli (New Delhi).

Facilitators / Participants

  1. India - Alumni of National School of Drama - T.I.E. Wing, Tripura and other Theater Activists & Educationist
  2. USA – Daniel A. Kelin II (Nehru Fullbright Scholar | Ex-President of John.F Kennedy Centre)
  3. Sri Lanka – Red Apple Theatre Group
  4. Nepal – Kantipur Film Academy

We are connecting youth from various sections of society including educated youth, slum students, Specially Able Friends


What we Expect:

We have already raised sponsorships for the travel of International artists. We are now looking forward to raise funds for smooth execution of this social initiative and enhance the reach of this initiative to maximum sections of the society

We target to empower the alternative education ecosystem of Central India so that we could generate confidence among youth and encourage them to take particpating roles in the society

What Contributors get: -

You become a part of this unique initiative of modern method of education and a chance to be a part of the social educational revolution.

If we fortunately receive fund more than expected, We will ustilize the extra fund for Theatre-In-Education activities for Specially Able Children.




The Risk and Challenges:

We have covered the main risks of the event by arranging sponsorships for International travel of the Theatre Activists.

If we fail to generate required fund through this crowdfunding campaign, we would still be able to execute this event although we would not be able to create required impact and reach to multiple sections of the soicety


It is such a great initiative which is of utmost importance in today's time wen suicidal tendencies r increasing among children due to various reasons.. keep it up team..


I support "Reduce Suicidal Tendency - Children Theater Festival" and have contributed towards the campaign!


Social cause good will contri

Thank you Akash.


Hi Ujjawal, this sounds like a good initiative. I too am from Bhopal and working in USA. I am honored to help for such a holistic initiative.

I appreciate your thoughts and understanding my friend.

Thanks for contribution. Any day if you like to disclose your identity atleast to us, Ensemble Theatre Group, kindly mail us @ Thanks again.

My Campaign Just Raised 10% Of the Goal Amount ! Thank You Please Continue Your Support.


social cause initiated by brother

Thank you Brother


To support for the cause

Thank you Miss Dimple.


Noble causes like these deserve help from the community.

We respect your thoughts Mr. Prashant


Good Initiative. Desperately needed in the current setting.

Thanks for support.


To support the noble cause

Thank you Aditya for your kind support.


Thank you Mrigesh for coming forward.


Supporting the cause !


Once I tried to commit suicide! It was a failure! Then only I understood what does it actually mean! I don't want anybody to commit suicide! Let's join our hands together to eradicate this suicidal tendency from every fields of life!

Thanks Tanmoy for sharing true incident. Your words matters a lot for saving someone. If you feel to share more kindly mail us at

And we would share your story so that more people gets benefited by your words.

And we would share your story so that more people gets benefited by your words.

Thank you.


Want to be part of this great initiative

Thanks Mr. Himanshu for the contribution. We would be obliged to have you as a guest to the event.


Nice alternative educational initiative, a special for Central India

Thanks for the support.