Responsible tourism promotion

by Parambir Singh Rawat

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About the project :

Tourism is a major source of income in the state of Uttarakhand. The natural beauty and unlimited scenic attractions lures Indian as well as foreign nationals to this state.  There us something for everyone here, pilgrims, nature devotees, spiritualist & meditation seekers, environmentalist, adventurous people, wildlife tourist, student, philosophers and others.
Considering the growing tourism demand, the need of the hour is to preserve natural as well as the cultural heritage of this Paradise. The environmental degradation by people engaged in Tourism activities and tourist, especially to the eco-sensitive zones is disheartening to see.
Our project's aim and the objective is to promote Tourism in Uttarakhand in a responsible manner under which we will adopt eco-friendly and sustainable development approach by providing livelihood to local people on Community-based Rural Tourism. 
To achieve our goal we will educate, and provide skill training in Tourism to local youth so that they can earn income while preserving the environment and cultural heritage through responsible manner. We will provide some guidelines to Tourism professional, Tour operators, hotelier's, Transporters, as well as visitors that what to do or what not do while visiting destination.
We want to organise a different kind of Tour and Trekking while considering environmental preservation in mind anyhow. We will provide eco-friendly accommodation and organic food to Travellers. So this is the real essence of responsible tourism promotion.

I am a professionally trained Tourism professional hold ample experience of Tourism and travel. I have a team of educated and experienced staff.

Our project is about responsible tourism promotion on community-based rural Tourism development.Its impact will be very encouraging and positive on Environment, Cultural, and rural people. They will have a source of income while sustainable development of Tourism. 
Please contribute to our campaign for the noble cause and help us in preserving our beautiful Uttarakhand and the livelihood of poor rural people.
There may be some risk and challenges like non-cooperation and hurdles by certain quarter but we will handle them through motivation,  will explain them about advantages of our initiative to them.

The funds raised from this campaign will be utilised for the following, 

1. Mode of Transport - We need fund for purchasing a Tourist vehicle to transport the Tourist in eco-tourism destination and rural areas for sightseeing and to show rural life style.

2 - Eco- Friendly accommodation - our project is focussing on eco-friendly Camping sites/ Eco Lodges/ Home stay at tourist destination for experiencing eco-friendly stay in unique style.

3- Training - It is one of the most important aspects of our project. We need funds for providing quality Eco and responsible tourism training to rural Youth and local people so that they can earn income while preserving environmental heritage. For this purpose, we will use the raised fund on rent of Training centre, Salary of Trainer and support staff.

4- Expanses of office, stationery, publicity, awareness campaign and workshop.

5- Salary to field staff and honorarium to social workers.
6- We will also use fund then organising Fairs and festivals related to Responsible Tourism promotion.
7- Other unforeseen expenses.

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