Rural India Will Study!

by keyur savaliya

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About the project :

About Me :- 

I am a Mechanical Engineer working as a Sales Executive with India's biggest company in Agri business. I have always had an inclination towards helping students from rural India to help them in facilitating their studies. I, along with my friends and family have been doing whatever we can in our humble capacity. My father has a small business of his own and he has been very supportive of us. 

It is often seen that students who enrol at Government school do not have proper stationery supplies and hence a lot of them lose interest in studying.

Through this campaign, I want to raise funds to provide proper quality stationery like notebooks and pens to children in my district. 

Every year students need at least 10 full scape notebooks & 12 ballpens in a school. I am planning to provide all these stuff for free.

Approx cost for this little basic needs of student is

10 full scape notebooks * 10 Rs /Notebooks = Rs. 100 

10 Ballpens * 5 Rs./pen = Rs. 50 

So, total cost is Rs.150/ student

I am planning, to begin with, this small initiative of raising around INR 100000 so it may help to 666 students of one District of Gujrat. 

I am inspired to begin this initiative because of my father. Back in 2003, he used to hand out around 30-50 Fullscape notebooks to needy students. I want to do in a better and bigger scale. 

Your small contribution of even Rs.100 will make a big impact on one student's life. 

Donate now! 


Risks and Challenges :

I have to find out needy students & track their results, study & attendance in school. 

I have many friends who will help me to sort out of all this problem.

I am marketing guy , so I will manage a problem  with proper planning & strategy.

Plan for solving these challenges

First, of I will categorise the students who need helps based on income & their results in school. 

Sometimes some of them need motivation also. I will impart them all the need.

I will also take help from their neighbours, teachers & relatives.

Other Ways You Can Help :

You can help us to spread this great project by sharing on WhatsApp groups ,social media or sending spare stationery at home to us by courier

Share our campaign with as many people as possible. 

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