Sanitary pad dispenser for rural schools

by Prayaas Initiative

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About the project :

Despite the government's campaigns and schemes to ensure girls education, little has been done so far to address one of the major issues leading to their dropout post-primary classes lack of access to sanitary napkins. 

Only 57 per cent of young women in the country have access to hygienic methods of protection during menstruation periods so far, reveals the National Family Health Survey-4 held by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 2015-16. 

The hygienic medium includes commercial sanitary napkins and locally prepared sanitary napkins and Unhygienic medium includes the use of clothes, paper, sand, cow dunk etc. Lack of access to hygienic methods not only leads to reproductive tract infections but pushes a large number of menstruating girls across India skipping schools in those days or dropping out permanently.

Objectives of the project:
We have two major objectives of this Project.
1. To educate and create awareness of use of Sanitary Napkins and 
provide easy access to Sanitary Napkins by installation Simple Vending 
Machines with replenishment program in Rural Schools and Colleges so 
that Girls/Women get habituated to use this Sanitary Napkins for their 
better health care.
2. Secondly, to solve the problem of sanitary napkin disposal by installing 
incinerators which shall reduce spread of infection due to unhygienic 
disposal of sanitary napkins, reduce environmental pollution due to non-
biodegradable sanitary napkins and reduce clogging of public drainage 
system due to spongy nature of napkins.

Why Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is needed
As per study in India only 12% of women uses Sanitary Napkins and 
percentage is much lower in Rural Areas. It is observed that 20 percent of girls 
did not use toilet in school during menstruation for fear of staining it, and 
more than two out of five girls had no idea about menstruation when they 
started with their periods. Of those who had some idea, only 16 percent 
received any information in school.
There is a potential loss on economic and social front to India as a result of 
girls dropping out of school due to menstrual health issues and thus getting 
into early marriages and early pregnancies. More girls in schools means 
universal primary education and increased gender parity while contributing to 
eradication of poverty. Educated mothers also contribute to improved maternal
health and reduction in child mortality. Hence, educating and creating 
awareness for use of Sanitary Napkins and as well provide easy access to 
Sanitary Napkins using Vending Machine is of prime need.

Why Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine (Incinerator) is needed
With Sanitary Napkins, we also need to give solution to dispose these sanitary 
napkins and avoid current ways of disposal like sanitary napkins are mixed 
with regular waste and it's difficult to segregate them and dispose them off. 
This exposes these viral borne wastes to the environment, animals and public 
at large causing diseases like Hepatitis B and C. It exposes waste pickers to 
disease-causing microorganisms E coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, HIV and 
pathogens that cause hepatitis and tetanus. Incinerating these napkins is the 
only way of getting rid of these problems. Hence, Installation of Incinerator is 
What is Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is a Self-Service Vending Machine used for 
dispensing Sanitary Napkins against acceptance of Coins. Proposed Vending 
Machine has loading capacity of 24 napkins with display for showing Napkin 
Stock availability. Its Mechanical coin acceptor, single value coin acceptor Rs 
5 Coin and no need for electricity.
Estimated Cost of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is INR 7500/-
What is an Incinerator:
A safe, hygienic, scientific & quick method of disposal of sanitary napkins is to 
incinerate them at relatively low temperature to harmless sterile ash. It helps 
in instant disposal of used napkins in a very scientific and hygienic way 
without generating harmful emissions. Proposed Incinerator come with 
Ceramic high density insulation for external thermal protection, Auto Thermal 
Cut off for power saving. Capacity of 200 napkins per day.
Estimated Cost of Incinerator is INR 26000/-
Where to install 
Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator both are very easy to 
install. It can be wall mounted and it is proposed to install at Schools and 
Colleges in Rural Area.
Who will benefit:
Every single unit of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator will 
directly benefit between 10 to 200 users per day based on the type and 
capacity, not to count the benefits to environment and society. More Girls in 
Schools with Less Drop-outs. Incinerator will also save the waste pickers fromthe in-human task of segregating this waste at various stages of the waste 

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