Save An Orphan's Life

by R.R. Kulshreshta

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About the project :

We want to open an adoption agency in Agra to facilitate the adoption of orphans to well-settled parents. Our motto is saving orphans life and give them a place in the respected family with their human rights so that they can be recognized by their parent's names and not 'ANAATH'. 

I am authorized by UP govt. to keep 25 children up to the age of 5-10 years. This project is also under ‘Matra Shishu Sadan’. These children who cross 5 years of age will go to school for education, in this regard expenditure estimated is near about 10 lakhs. The details are as under:

  1. House rent with power light- 180000 yearly
  2. House maintenance- 10000 yearly
  3. Kitchen expenses- 60000 yearly
  4. Furniture, AC, fan etc- 500000 permanent
  5. Food expenditure- 30000 yearly
  6. Cloth, hosiery woolen etc- 5000 yearly
  7. Medical aid- 20000 yearly
  8. Fee and books, conveyance etc- 100000 yearly

We want to build a facility to house them, where they will be given proper care and facilities until they are legally adopted. 

We do a thorough background check of the families before handing over the kids. 

We house the orphans and after legal remedies give them up for adoption through district judge court to those family who is well settled in every respect.

 The UP Govt. has issued license no. 1956 for this purpose, our founder Mr. R.R. Kulshrestha also has and extensive experience of approximate 16 years working with various adoptions agencies in the past. 

We request you to help us in building this orphanage so we may be able to save lives of those children who are found lying in the road, gutters and other dirty places without parents and families to look after them. They deserve our love, care, and support. And with your support they may find a family. 


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