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About the project :


I Am here to ask for a kind help to save life of Sharath


                         This year , My 16-year-old  was diagnosed as Occult Spinal Dysraphism (refers to a group of neurological disorders that relate to malformations of the spinal cord) with multiple block vertebra at lower cervical and upper thoracic regions with hemi vertebra at right side lumbosacral junction with cervico thoracic spinal meningeal cyst/neurenteric cyst with cord compression and compressive myelopathy with thethred cord and tight filum terminale.The doctors told that disease is complex, and dangerous, and it can be cured in Cochin,kerala. We were in the deepest despair.


                        I am seeking for possible help, which seems to be the only opportunity . Our economic situation is poor and cannot afford medical expenses. So any help or information about charitable medical organizations and possible financial support will be highly appreciated. To find more possible help from the kind people all over the world, we hope this message could be spread out.


All my family would be extremely grateful if you would like to give us help in whatever way.


Thank you very much!



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