Say NO to Drugs, YES to Sports!

by Children & Youth Unity Foundation

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About the project :

According to a UN report, drug abuse kills about 200,000 people worldwide each year. Global treatment for drug abuse would cost around $250 billion per year if everyone who needed help received proper care. In India, 70-73% of drug addict’s fall under the age bracket of 16 to 35 years of age which means over 3 million youth and children of India are consuming drugs. These children live in extremely unhygienic conditions with very few or no civil amenities. Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs are easily accessible, giving social assent to negative activities. Some of the reasons that aid these negative activities in youth are - lack of adequate educational facilities, recreational activities, and little to no emotional and social support from their family or community.

Say No to Drugs & Say Yes to Sports

We at Children Youth and Unity Foundation have developed an easy to implement module on drug abuse awareness and counseling. We use sports as a medium for engagement and for sending out a message of development to the affected children and youth. Regular sessions help us track the improvement and implementation of changes. We also employ these means to spread awareness about the issue of drug abuse and induct those affected, also offering individual and group counseling.  At CYUF, we impart life skills to them and also provide vocational training with further job placement opportunities.

Say No to Drugs & Say Yes to Sports

Our Achievement:

  1. Started with 6 young adults in Dharavi in 2010 and today we are working in 5 areas of Mumbai - Dharavi, Kurla, Wadala, Bandra, and Mahim.
  2. We are now working with around 750 children and youth.
  3. Successful in reducing drug addiction amongst young people by 40%
  4. 15% of young people place in jobs.
  5. Awareness about drug addiction amongst target population has increased by 55%.

Say No to Drugs & Say Yes to Sports

We want to eradicate the drug addiction from our youth and children, for this, we need your support. We would like to appeal you to come forward and contribute to this social cause and be a volunteer for the same.

Risks and Challenges :

People can get alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, whitener etc at economical prices as these are easily available in the market. If the youth after counselling does not get a good job, there is a risk that he or she might get influence again to these drugs.


Other Ways You Can Help :

You can volunteer with us or if you find someone addicted to drugs help us by connecting with him or her


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