ScutOps: Every Homes Friend. On Demand Domestic Help

by Jithu A Prasad

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About the project :

Everyone has a story. Ours is one which turned out into what it is today from a Couch Joke. People say there is always a woman behind every man’s success and in our case we have many. Back in 2015, I happened to be on a trip to Bangalore for a couple of official meetings and that was the first time I availed Uber. The experience, convenience, and power I felt from such a service were something that caught up my mind all along. I was back home, and as usual was on my couch doing some random stuff on my mobile and my mom was complaining how hard it is to manage without a domestic help for her. She was asking me why I can’t help every now and then anyway as I’m not doing anything. (For her Startup is a thing the guys do these days and they just roam aroundJ, half mocking and half serious). Combined with the experience I had from uber I joked “Mom we need an app for this. We need an app for hiring Domestic Helps like Uber “ I went on explaining to her how handy it would be to have something like that and how convenient it would be for us all “ The conversation ended and it didn’t take much to catch my fantasy on what such an app could do for all. For those who want to work and for those who want to hire. I started a survey among my mom’s friends and many of the working females I knew having their homes in the city areas. Mostly all had the complaints that's it is really hard to find a domestic help these days and how hard it is to handle them.


Thus was born ScutOps. ScutOps is basically an On Demand Domestic Help hiring Platform where a person can hire professionals to assist them with their Cooking and Cleaning for now. As a platform, we ensure that every person who is associated with us go through a rigorous background and medical check up to ensure that the customer is at no risk. Also, all the professionals undergo training to improve their skills in their relevant field of work. We have structured our programs in such a manner that a person can hire a professional to assist for as short as an hour to 365 days in a year!!  

So what does it mean to you as our end customer?? Well imagine that the next time your friends are coming down to your home, you not having to spend all the time at kitchen cooking food for them or ordering food for all of them from the nearest hotel. But instead spending the time catching up with them, having fun and sharing memories while our professionals cook you the most special dishes!! Isn’t it exciting?

Imagine not having to come home from a hectic day or week at office and tidying up your place but rather relaxing on your couch watching your favorite teams match or catching up with your favorite shows??

Imagine getting some additional help only at the time of a special occasion like a special get together for cooking food or cleaning up your place for the event??

With ScutOps we empower you to do all this. You are also helping to send someone else's kid to a better school or put more food on another families table. You are empowering more towards to a better living. We as platform ensure them higher pay than any of the conventional setups existing in the market and we don’t loot you to do that. Well, it all loses the point when it is not affordable.


To talk about us. We are a bunch of Engineers who are here to change the way things happen in this society. We are here to bring positive changes into the ecosystem. Reduce abuse on both ends and to use the advancements in technology and connectivity for a better and coherent society. The ScutOps family is currently a 40 member strong family with a tech team completely comprising of IITians and NITians. But our core strength is our 20 member team of Well Inspired, Motivated and Enthusiastic ScutOps Professionals who help our current customer base on their Cleaning and Cooking needs.

We have currently completed our Alpha test phase and are moving to our public beta phase wherein we look to completely develop the technology i.e. the Standalone Mobile Apps for all the major platforms and a Standalone Web Portal for the same and take it to the next level with the help of customer inputs and ScutOps professionals input. We target to be present all over the City of Cochin by January 2016 and experiment the concept in a couple of more cities in Kerala during the period and increase the number of ScutOps Professionals from 20 to 750 too.  

After the Beta Version, we are looking to Scale Up to 6 more Major Cities by September 2017 and add more verticals to our service lists as a platform. And increase the number of ScutOps Professionals in the platform to 2000+ in each city.

Risks and Challenges :

The major obstacles in the market are finding enough partners to cater to the demands of all the needy customers. Well, that’s the reason people needed us or basically the reason of our existence. We have some deep connections with NGO's and other players working amongst this sector of unorganized professionals to get over this obstacle and have our own methods to tap into the sector we developed by working closely with this sector of professionals over the last 4-5 Months.

Other Ways You Can Help :

If you can contribute with cash, well you can contribute by being our Ambassador.  As an ambassador, you can share our story amongst your friends and help us reach our goals. As ambassadors, you'll also be getting a chance to be in the select few people who will have early access even before we launch in the respective market and may get a chance to work closely with our team in developing the technology and access directly to our Alpha Team.

Even a simple Good Luck is enough appreciation for us!! So just don’t hesitate to do whatever you think you can to help us reach our goals. And who knows maybe you might become a part of our family.  


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