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by Manil Agarwal

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About the project :

I have been working with the social sector directly and indirectly for the past 9 years by either working with NGOs, volunteering for them, supporting them through CSR projects or raising funds for them.

During this time I noticed that finding a volunteer for a project is a very expensive and time consuming process. Simultaneously for a volunteer to find a project to work for is a task that will involve getting in touch with a hundred people and still going for the project not knowing what to expect. Considering these issues I decided to start a social network that will allow people who have projects and people who wish to volunteer to get in touch with each other directly and work to achieve their aims and objectives. 

This website is the first of its kind in the world. It does not have any middle men or red tape moderation. Conversations are directly between the relevant people and so they know exactly what to expect when they meet each other and work together. People can follow each other to know what they are working on or what they intend to do. They can be in touch with each other to see if they can start projects together, volunteer for the same project and so on...

By donating your valuable funds to this proect you will be helping a number of social projects and causes find the right people to volunteer for them, which will help them achieve their aims faster, better and will allow them to direct their critical resources and funding towards that cause rather than on finding people. To ensure that this objective is achieved we promise that our website will always have free membership and adding a project to find volunteers and to volunteer for a project will be free as well for eternity!

We are already live and working. You can visit the website by visitng Feel free to go through all the features of the website or volunteer for a project or add your own by signing up or signing in. My 9 years of varied professional experience has helped me raise this website from scratch and bring it to a point where it is attractive, easy to use an fun to spend time on in a very short time. We are now a team of 8 people (web developers, information technology, marketing and finance professionals) who are dedicated to making this a success.

Your valuable contribution will help us now take off and achieve our aim of making this world a place where everyone will aim to 'Do Good'!

Risks and Challenges :

One perceived challenge is to keep the operation costs low. Typically inflation is forcing rents and salaries to go up everywhere in India. As a team we want to keep these costs to the lowest so that we can channel our funds towards marketing the website. 

We have already countered this challenge by setting up our operations in Dharamshala. This has allowed us to keep our salary expectations to the minimum. Also we have a small office space with a minimal rent. By moving out of a Tier 1 or 2 city we have reduced our operation costs and salaries by nearly 80%. 

In future we intend to use the global brain over the internet itself rather can creating a huge fixed set up. This way we can further reduce our costs and use resources that are already developed and stay focussed on our aim of reaching out to maxium number of people who will use the website.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Definitely sign up on the website and get your friemds and family to sign up as well. Share our website on your social media profiles.

Help us get featured in articles, magazines or other websites.

The more the number of people using the website the better the world will be! 

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