Sindhu Darshan

by Bhupinder Kansil

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About the project :

Leh Ladakh has always been the center of attraction of the country due to various reasons, be it due to its beauty that attracts thousands of tourists every year or because of its geography due to which it remains isolated with the rest of the country for six months during a year. 

Ladakh, the land of high passes, snow-capped peaks, azure sky and blue meandering rivers can make trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts crazy. Nature and wildlife untouched make Ladakh an exotic destination where the adventure begins. 

Moreover, the flowing of ancient and immortal Sindhu River, where Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata (Indus Valley Civilization) flourished makes Ladakh a historical heritage. Not only this, the incarnation of Lord Jhulelal and the ancient Buddhist Monasteries with mystic Lamas made Ladakh a pilgrimage.


Despite all this, the region is deprived of natural and other resources for its livelihood and, there is a lack of education & employment opportunities among the people of this region. 

We, as a nation, now need to think and act on what is the requirement of the hour. To develop as a country, we need development in each and every part of the country. Leh Ladakh, being one of the most important regions of the country from various perspectives needs avail of all the basic amenities required for the overall development of an individual and nation as a whole.

To resurrect the Indian Heritage, Sindhu Darshan Yatra Samiti has been organizing Sindhu Darshan Yatra every year. People from India and many other countries join this Yatra in large numbers. 




The Samiti has been functional in the region for not only organizing the festival but also for the overall development of the region and people residing in the region.  

As we all know Leh Ladakh has been one of the places situated at a very high altitude due to which these areas are deprived of all the basic facilities that are required by an individual. Although schools have been built in the region, absenteeism of teachers and students both remains high. Moreover, institutes and zeal for higher education is merely seen in the area. 
Not only the local people are suffering because of such inadequacies but the soldiers who are braving at the border and their families are also deprived of these basic amenities.
The Samiti has been constructing a ‘Sindhu Bhawan’ on the highest altitude in the world with the aim to provide educational facilities for the localities, and the Bhawan will also act as the center for cultural & social events.




  The Education Center will provide learning of English, French & German languages, Mathematics, & technical education for local people and soldiers. It will also act as a hub for travel & study on Environment, Climate Change, a study on Buddhism and Agricultural surveys and study.

The Samiti has also arranged for the distance education by IITs and US - Universities for providing online education at Leh. Free accommodation will be provided to the students preparing for competitive exams like IIT, IAS; with the facility of a reading library. Regular counseling and mentoring sessions will be conducted for the students.

The efforts are also made for the Historical and Cultural Heritage revival and promotion of the region, as the area has unique places like the Gompa Monastery which is the oldest monastery which houses the Kandshur, the 108 volumes of Buddha’s teachings. 
This will help in International recognition and promotion of Leh - Ladakh as the place of the oldest civilization in the world. 

Foreign tourists who are abundant will be able to learn the real culture, tradition and history of the region. This will help in integrating the local civilization with the international community in a respectable and dignified way, with great recognition for their contribution.
The Samiti will also impart Health education and create awareness on hygiene and cleanliness.

Risks and Challenges :

Obstacles definitely find place when something unconventional takes place. Providing various facilities by constructing Bhawan at one the highest altitude places is surely not an easy job. It is hard to find workers and above all the weather conditions are harsh, but when the intentions are pure, none can destroy the spirit. 

Other Ways You Can Help :

All the money raised will be used for the furtherance of the objectives and the activities mentioned above. We would also request to spread the message through social media to create more awareness about the issue. It will help in furtherance of the cause.

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