Smile care unit ( celebrate this Independence with orphans )

by saurabh singh

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About the project :


  • We're working as an unit together to helpout poor childs in there education and to help out orphans in orphanage. Our campaign end date is 13 august . So keep contributing before 13 august.
  • Our campaign is all about to care the smile of those pretty childs who's the future of india . We're planning to celebrate this Independence with orphans in orphanage there with them ..we're providing them sweets fruits and clothes. Will reward students also who'll perform there in programs .we are doing it to see the smile on those faces. All we need is your little amount support. 

  • As per our perception its an important campaign for us because we're working as an unit here . This campaign is all about to put smile on orphan childs faces . I think your little help would be much helpful in bringing a smile on there faces. Successful campaign of us might help society to provoke these kind of campaigns .they might start caring of poor childs there near them also. The impact of the campaign on children's might be a boosting campaign for them.

The pitch:

       ▪ as i introduced us.. i wouldn't mind telling you that with successfull completion of this campaign. We might keep campaign n we'll start working as an non-profit-organisation working for poor childs to help in education in providing goods to them . Let's come together to make promise that we'll keep every single child smiling. 

  • We uploaded the logo of our unit
  • All your contribution going to affect them good willfully . That might be boosting factor of there smiling faces . If you're contributing with us .then you're not just contributing but roping the future of india . Contribute with us as much as u can . 

The Risk and Challenges:

As in start no one came forward to initiate .i took this responsibility on my shoulder . I designed what it requires . I went for permissions and started asking peoples to help them by there contributions. People started suggesting us .No one is coming forward to contribute .so we came here for crowdfunding we put a small amount here ..our expected budget is 80000 .

failure of the campaign might destroy us .might destroy there smiling moods .

So please we request to keep contributing for them . Your contribution is blessing for them .


I m kind hearted