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About the project :

About Naya Sawera

Naya Sawera is an organization driven by the energy and zeal of youth to make the society better for underprivileged ones by whatever means possible. Started back in the year 2009 with 7 members, we now stand with a strength of 500+ volunteers out of which 95% are a young blazing volunteer, who are ready to believe that now or later change will come by.

Our volunteers help us run our activities in 5 cities now, which are Jaipur, Bikaner, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Jodhpur.


Our Aim
Our aim is to not only looking after kids or women but to build up a society of equality with no divisions and making people aware of Mother Nature as well. We believe it is the responsibility of citizens of a country before the government to help others and make this world a better place for all.

Our Mission
Naya Sawera has the mission to help kids and women with all their needs so that they could live a respectable life in same society we’re in. We try to educate kids beyond the books with basic life etiquettes, hygiene and communication. Also, as women are the most important part of society, we’ve taken initiatives to make them self-dependent by means of skill development and training so that they can contribute to their household income.


About the project

Snehachal is a home dedicated solely towards providing residence to special children. Considering the various conditions, the children have been affected by, the organisation has adopted them as its own kids.

The monetary donations contribute to their educational, nutritional and medical needs. Most important of these donations is the contribution of love and affection, that equips them with a certain degree of psychological happiness and content.

We have started the new boys’ home after the successful execution of girls’ home from last 5 years. The total amount we need to crowdfund is 60,000.

In this regard we request you to help us crowdfund for a few basic requirements:


1. CCTV Camera installation – 20,000

2. Ply for Bunk Beds - 8000

3. Almirah - 8000

4. File Cabinets - 5000

5. Locker Box - 9000

6. Entertainment means – 10,000

All the funds mentioned here are in INR.



I support "Snehachal" and have contributed towards the campaign!


Anything for a smile.


I support "Snehachal" and have contributed towards the campaign!


I support "Snehachal" and have contributed towards the campaign!