Socio Impact by developing & Manufacturing Silicon Foley Catheter

by Sanjay Chokhani

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About the project :

Hi everyone

This is Sanjay Chokhani, Managing Director of Silcath India P. Ltd, Bangalore, A new Start up Company Intent to start Manufacture Silicon Foley Catheter for Indian Market. Currently, Silicon Cathter is being imported into India and Sold @ Rs 800/ to Rs 1200/ per pcs,

We Intent to Manufacturer & Sell Silicon Catheter @ Rs 250/ Per Pcs and Also Silicon Foley Catheter need not be changed for 25 days giving a patient lot of comfort in terms of Pain & Agony. Usually, in Indian Market Latex (Rubber) Foley catheter is being used which need to to be changed every 1 - 2 days, As it causes infection & Allergy to the Patient.

By Introducing Silicon Foley Catheter in Indian Market, We want to bring in Socio Impact by giving the patient comfort  of No Infection & Allergy & At affordable Price, As Latex Catheter is being sold currently in Indian Market @ 150/ to Rs 180/ Per Pcs.

The Promoters are well experienced in Manufacturing Medical devices and are confident in bringing in change & Confort to Patient.


Risks and Challenges :

Risk & Challange is Marketing against MNC Product who have money Power.

We Intent to distribute 10000 pcs as free sample to India leading Doctors to use & give their Testimonials, Such Testimonials will help us market the product to various hospital,

Also we Intent to work in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.

Other Ways You Can Help :

We need Support from marketing experts in understanding what would be the best way to market this product. 


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