Spiraldesk : The first real multi business helpdesk

by Samjad Mooppan

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About the project :

I am Samjad Mooppan, and I am an entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the Remote Customer Service Sector catering to the Hosting industry . I founded Supportlobby (Activelobby Information Systems Pvt Ltd) 10 years back and now we are a 100 employee enterprise with client base from over 20 different countries.

Birth of Spiraldesk

The idea of Spiraldesk came up with the need of a centralized system for managing the Outsourced Support Company "Supportlobby". It was a chaos to manage 50+ helpdesks without a centralized system.

We tested several leading helpdesks in the market, but none could organize the data in the way we wanted.

Why Spiraldesk ?

We have done a case studies involving Service companies, Hosting Companies and SEO companies and have identified the problem in every sector. They solve this either by developing their own systems or using multiple systems, which at the end results in loss of money.

Spiraldesk is an out of the box solution which can help Enterprises to scale indefinitely, with a single team of employees handling the customers on each of their brands.

An Enterprise with multiple businesses, will have multiple customer support channels or PR channels for customer relations. Normally they tend to use a single helpdesk for each of them and struggle to generate centralized reports based on the agents and companies.

While most leading support desks has built their multi-product capability around one single business model, our entire architecture is designed around the multi-business model, enabling the customer service executives and support channels to be aligned perfectly.

We have raised 75,000 USD till date, we are on the lookout for more partners, who could take Spiraldesk to greater heights.

We will be launching our Beta in September 2016 and will launch it for limited access testing to our existing Customers .

Risks and Challenges :

The idea of this campaign is to generate fule to run for an additional 3 months of business plan to sharpen the tools before we actually launch the product.

Spiraldesk would follow a SAAS model of business charging per users on a monthly basis . Spiraldesk will make the customer support operation more efficient, by focusing on streamlining the processes using one single interface. We will generate revenue by charging companies that wishes to have administrative control on their employee networks.

The competetors in the market are established and the key to success of spiraldesk is the Go-to Market plan. We have already have an existing pool of 50 clients to generate the initial traction and this could run spiraldesk on its own by April 2017.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Follow us on twitter @spiraldesk and get the word out to help us raise the targeted funding

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