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by Lok Kalyan Samiti

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About the project :

In 1994, LKS did a survey in and around Nand Nagri area and found that most of the children didn’t go to school and those who did, had a very high dropout rate. As a result of the rampant illiteracy within the communities, there was no inspiration or motivation for these people to educate their children. LKS initiated a reach out programme by encouraging children towards education. Under this scheme, poor and disadvantaged children were enrolled at the Centre. Children identified under the project start from 4-5 years of age and continue until class X i.e. 15-16 years. Each child, in addition to remedial education, gets free health checkup and other essential benefits. Children are gifted need-based items like school shoes, books etc. They are taken for special educational tours and festivals.

By channeling the energies of ‘slum’ children constructively, the programme is contributing significantly towards their overall development. That way, we are scripting a success story in an urban slum. The National Award for Child Welfare for the year 2009 was presented to LKS General Secretary on 14th November’2010 by the President of India, in recognition valuable services rendered to the Community in the field of child welfare.

Know more about this program here: https://www.lokkalyansamiti.in/sponsor-child

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