Sponsor Food & Shelter For Celin Mary For 1 Year

by Fr. Iruthayaraj Thusnevish

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About the project :

Imagine living a life where you fall down uncontrollably every single day, with nobody, not a loved one or a stranger to pick you up. You have just imagines Celin Mary's life, a life taken over by epilepsy. If you would like imagine a better life for her, read on.

Her family worked in the tea gardens on the mountainous areas in Kerala, moving there from a small village called Govindhapuram. She was taught till her 7th standard until she discovered her life would be shared with a self-destructive disease called Epilepsy.

Seizures happened almost every day. Her family's earnings were spent on her treatment until it reached a stage where they had to face the fact that there was no cure available to them. But her parents tried to provide as much care as possible until they passed away, 12 years ago.

Celin Mary now has only her 5 brothers and 2 sisters. But they are unwilling to care for someone whose life is a constant torture for herself and others around her. This constant fear and loneliness resulted in her now suffering from Hypertension. All news is now bad news for her. But we can change that. She has been living in a modest shelter home for the destitute for the past 10 years. The years have not been easy as she grows older and her disease progresses more uncontrollably.

We have set up a plan to improve the facilities of the home, the care they provide as well as the quality of living of the individuals. We aren't talking about ACs and TVs and branded clothing; we wish to provide the best basic care available - doctors, food, medicines, 24x7 power, building maintenance; things we take granted for most of our life. You can also check the fund utilization on this page.

This plan is essentially providing good people with good things for a short period of time. With your help, we can extend that time. For people like Celin Mary, who lives her life fighting day after day after day, just to stand up a few months of proper care can form a respite worth a lifetime.

Risks and Challenges :

Rosary Trust is running the home for destitute with a lot of risks and challenges.  There are 60 destitute persons who include aged and persons with different disabilities.   Locally no funds available.  Due to global warming, there is no rain in the area.  Therefore people are struggling to live.  Vulnarable people are neglected.  Nobody wants to donate for their survival.   Rosary Trust is campaigning in different ways to collect fund to feed and shelter these destitute.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Generous people donate.  May be you can campaign for the project. Our website is www.rosarytrust.com. Thanks for your kind and noble cooperations.

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