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About the project :

Golden Jubilee year celebration are based on triple credo of Awareness – Integration – Empowerment

"Student's Experience in Inter-State Living SEIL," An ABVP Initiative, since last 50 years SEIL aims at the emotional integration of the nation and to increase the bonding of the people living in the far-flung North East region of India. It started its activities way back in 1966 under the tagline ‘’MY INDIA MY HOME’’ whereby few students from Arunachal Pradesh came to Mumbai for their studies, and they were adopted by the local karyakarta families ensuring that they complete their studies before returning to their families in Arunachal but before going back they had an extended family in Mumbai.

Later over the years, the program of cultural and educational exchange tour was started. The students were within the age group 15 to 20. The entire tour is being organized in a manner that the students would get an experience of the lifetime with entertainment and education. The students are made to stay in the local families giving the "feel" that even in diversity - we are one in soul and heart, thus helping the nation in emotional integration. This initiative has sustained long to be celebrated as its Golden Jubilee, this year.

Over the years, SEIL has diversified its activities to a large extent involving all the aspects of life. With terrorism on the increase, it has done research and found that the school dropouts were the most prone and attracted towards anti-social activities. SEIL has started skill development programs to ensure the students don’t get attracted towards these activities. Besides it has developed a center of excellence with research facilities and education and doing research on the development of the history of the northeast. 



Purvottar Bharat
The Purvottar Bharat also called ‘Paradise Unexplored’ are the contiguous states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura in northeastern India. Although there is great ethnic and religious diversity within the seven states, they also have similarities in political, social and economic contexts.

With more than 166 tribes following different beliefs and cultural traditions, North East region of our country truly represents the ethos of our great nation. Although their features, food habits, and such visible practices somewhat differ from the rest of the country, there are evidence and findings that unequivocally establish the fact that the region has been very much the part of our common living. The blue hills, green valleys and most importantly the people living there make the region special. The rich natural resources like water, minerals, oil and biodiversity are our national wealth.
The SEIL uphold the motto of "One Nation, One People, and One Culture". It seeks to inculcate in the mind and heart of the youth at their formative age, the spirit of national integration.

As we all know, North East India not only demographically, but also, its others aspects are totally different from rest of the India. The SEIL slogan 'Alag bhasha alag vesh phir bhi apna ek desh' (Language and dress may be different, but our nation is one) seems to have made a deep impression on the participants.
This cultural exchange program focuses on giving the North-Eastern students and their families, the kind of exposure that they lack. A group of delegates from the north-eastern part of India travels to the north and south of India. There, they are made aware of the culture, food and heritage of the various states that they visit. The theme for SEIL 2015 was “Bharat KoJano” which means 'Know India.'
It includes site seeing, citizen's reception program, historical place visit, cultural programs, interaction with notable personalities of visiting place, etc. Being a part of this tour gives the "feel" that even in diversity that we are one in soul and heart.


Objectives and Mission of SEIL
•    To bridge the communication gap.
•    To highlight the similarities in the divergent lifestyles particularly of our border area people and other parts of the nation.
•    To create greater awareness about the remote areas and people over there.
•    To establish a cultural rapport and to provide opportunities to the youth of the country to experience the unity in diversity.

Achievements of SEIL
•    SEIL has provided a platform for all nationalist forces working in the region.
•    SEIL through its various cultural exchange tours held so far has brought to the attention and notice these challenges to more than 1500 tour participants and 3000 host families at different places across India. Such well thought tours of students going from either NE region or other states have resulted in the thick exchange of ideas and aspirations of the new generation and lifetime relationships sometimes even extended to next generation.
•    Through various study groups and “On the Spot” surveys SEIL has generated the huge amount of knowledge and understanding of socio-cultural issues. 
•    Thus, through its journey of last 50 years, SEIL has emerged as an experiment that is sincere, sensitive towards the needs and result oriented finding a permanent solution to the challenges of the border areas of our motherland.

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