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About the project :


Surman Sansthan saw the day of light after the long cherished desire and ideology of the founder, Ms. Manan Chaturvedi, took a structural shape. 
Surman is a divine place where abandoned and orphan children are given shelter and an atmosphere where they can also see their dreams coming time. We all are concerned about our own lives and families and do our utmost to keep them healthy and happy but we should never forget that 



Ms. Manan Chaturvedi, a living legend, realized her loving motherly feelings towards the deprived and Special Children, which motivated her to start a movement called Surman.

At the age of 40, she is mother to 98 children and constantly spreading love and hope in the society. No one including her parents, thought even in their  wildest dreams that they are nurturing a child who will one day become the rarest of human beings, who will devote her entire life to the cause of humanity, spreading love, peace and happiness, for all those who are deprived and are labeled as destitute in this world. Manan’s way of expressing her thought using creative paintings, writings, unorthodox stage shows and short films, truly shows that an artist, as a creative individual, can bring color to all aspects of the journey called LIFE.



She is currently serving as Chairperson, Rajasthan State Child Right & Protection commission
SURMAN’s constant endeavor is to form a unique family, where every member is blessed with happiness & new hopes for a glittering future and sense of responsibility for becoming a good human being.


Various projects like PALNA (An initiative to provide the orphans and destitute children with home and a family), KOSHISH (A sincere try to become a shelter place for all women who are deprived of their normal life), JEEVAN (Aims at providing treatment to the children requiring medical aid and are unable to bear the costs), PHULWARI (Focuses on providing basic ameneties like education, clothes and desired meal) are running under the flagship of Surman.


SURMAN’s Interesting Facts:
-    To motivate the children and make a lively feel, a non-stop painting event of 24-72 hours is organized every month by the name of ‘ANGEL OF LOVE’.
-    Every child in SURMAN has their mother with them, as the founder (Ms Manan) herself plays the role of mother for all the children.
-    Every child goes to school and is given the surname as SURMAN.
-    Most of the children are involved in theatre shows which seems to be an incredible approach, because earlier these children could not even dreamt of doing theatre due to their misfortune lifestyle.





Risks and Challenges :


Risks and challenges are a part and parcel of our life. We will always work keenly to avail our children with the best facilities and a joyful life no matter what hurdle comes in our way. With the blessings of God and the support of folks, we dream a blissful home!

Other Ways You Can Help :


Asking for someone's time is far more difficult than accumulating funds. If you cannot support us in monetary terms, spare some time to spend with these innocent children. 

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