SYM ( Save Your Money )

by Aravind M

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About the project :


Codeister Technologies is the result of the passion and dedication of 7 engineering students from Muthoot Institute of Science and Technology, Kochi, Kerala. Our team includes Aravind Muraleedharan, Vivek S, Abin Alias, Aswin Dev, Sarah Abraham, Mariyam Angela Jojy and Neeraj Jain. It all started last year when we heard about an entrepreneurship program being conducted by Startup village, Kochi. We were always interested in startups and entrepreneurship and when we heard of this program we decided to go for it. The program required us to go through two qualification rounds and we passed both of them. We got selected for the program after a final interview round. This was when we were seriously looking for our first idea. We went through a list of FinTech ideas which were presented to us by Startup village. A savings manager app was what caught our interest. We felt that  such an app would be very useful to anyone and everyone. This app required us to understand the nuances of the FinTech sector which was completely alien to us. With a lot of help from our mentors at Startup village and our professor Mr. Mahalingam P.R. we built the app over the course of six months. During this period we did make a lot of changes to our original idea, trying to make it as innovative and helpful to the common man as possible. Let us tell you more about SYM. SYM stand for Save Your Money and is essentially an automated savings manager. It helps the user save a carefully calculated amount of money of the user and keep it aside without compromising the current lifestyle of the user. The main motivation behind SYM was the fact that the youngsters of our country most often only start saving by their thirties, often missing out on years of interest. SYM thus helps and guides the user to save intelligently and in an organized way. Our immediate goal is to introduce investment options so that a wholesome financial manager is available for our users. Currently, the app is in the prototyping stage. SYM plans to be everyone’s personal finance manager!

We invite you to help us out and be a part of our SYM story!!

Risks and Challenges :

The complex working environment and legal & regulatory hurdles of the  FinTech sector makes it very difficult for a startup like ours to launch an app and work in. We have to gain the complete trust of our customers. As the user's hard earned money is involved we have to be very diligent and incorporate the most advanced technology to ensure that our customers have the best possible security.

We have closely interacted with several eminent institutions and people in the financial field who have helped us understand the field better.   

Other Ways You Can Help :

So you have heard our story now. Without contributing monetarily, you can be a part of our journey by just spreading the word and encouraging us. Let us together build a more secure future.

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