Tampons for India

by Harsha Prakash

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About the project :

We are a small-scale start-up for women's empowerment. Our goal is to bring to India, a widely used product for menstruating women - TAMPONS, that is common in foreign countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

A tampon is a mass of absorbent material, primarily used as a feminine hygiene product. Historically, the word "tampon" originated from the medieval French word “tampion”, meaning a piece of cloth to stop a hole.

Tampons offer you the freedom to be confident, without worrying about leaks.

  • We are regular users of this product ourselves.
  • We want to introduce this product and educate the women of our country about this product as it is a necessity and it is very easy to dispose of. 
  • Sanitary waste disposal has become an increasing problem in India as the plastic used in disposable sanitary napkins are not bio-degradable and lead to health and environmental hazards. While some women wrap it in plastic or paper and throw it along with domestic garbage, some flush them down or throw them into water bodies. 
  • An average woman throws away about 150kg of mostly non-biodegradable absorbents every year. Waste pickers separate out soiled napkins from recyclable items by hand, exposing themselves to micro-organisms like E.Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, HIV and pathogens that cause hepatitis and tetanus.

The Pitch:

We will be buying this product in bulk to sell at a discounted price and creating an all-female team and of saleswomen to educate and sell the product.

  • 70 percent of women in developed countries use tampons. You are instructed to change your tampon at an average of 6 hours. Some women prefer pads and some combine tampons with panty liners as a backup.
  • We are trying to create jobs to make the women independent and confident.
  • We are positive that we will succeed in our mission to enlighten even the neediest sweethearts of the impoverished creeds.
  • Your contribution will make the greatest difference in motivating our consumers and giving the females of our society utmost, ultimate comfort even on their weakest days every month and encouraging them to become independent and earn to support their families.
  • A part of our funds raised will also be donated to various woman-centric NGOs 

The Risk and Challenges:

Our plan is virtually risk-free as we have all the required licenses and permits. The only challenge is advertising and we have thought about that problem in depth.

Please take your time and money to give the common women a better solution to controlling their menstrual flow. Our product is eco-friendly, hygienic, untouched by human hands, as well as more comfortable compared to sanitary napkins (pads) and is great for the uncontrollable Indian heat.



Most women tend to find tampons more comfortable to wear than sanitary pads. Using tampons allows women to stay more active, without being worried about them "falling" out of place.

Better hygiene
Most women feel that using tampons makes them feel cleaner. Tampons do not make you overly conscious about your flow. Pads are messier and can smell foul if worn for too long.

Allow swimming
Unlike pads, tampons allow you to swim during your period. They also offer more comfort than pads, so you can play sports and engage in other forms of physical activity.

No visibility
A pad can show through your pants, which can be quite embarrassing. With tampons, you will no longer have to fret about those lines.

No smell
If you wear your pad for too long, it causes a foul odour. When you wear tampons, you can avoid odour as long as you remove them in time.

Wear any underwear
When wearing pads, you need to wear underwear to prevent any potential leakage. With tampons, you can wear whatever underwear and clothes you like.

Sanitary napkins take up more space in your purse than tampons do. Tampons are easy to keep on the down low, as you can slip a couple in any pocket or purse. Tampons are also much easier to dispose of than pads.


Higher risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
Tampon use may increase the risk of TSS. TSS is caused when strep bacteria develop in the vagina and are absorbed into the bloodstream. The symptoms of TSS include fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, dehydration, muscle pain, etc. In some rare cases, TSS can also prove fatal if not diagnosed at the right time. However, it is to be noted that the use of tampons does not cause TSS.

Difficult to use

Some women avoid tampons and stick to pads, as tampons are more difficult to use. Women are hesitant to make the switch to tampons, as they need to be inserted into the body. It's understandable that they can be scary to some.


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