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About the project :

Yes folks kalkar , and it proved to be a thumping event for us, we met a no. of people and to be very honest I was shocked to see the talent of people especially kinds , that one day I realized that yes god has something really creative , he has blessed everyone with such amazing talents. 
Those 3 days will be remembered forever.
I would very briefly describe the places we covered 
Research and educational society
That place was very heart touching, the kids there who did not even get a one square meal a day, no washrooms, poor living conditions. For them it was a magical moment when we gave them gifts interacted with them, made them realize that they are one of us and can achieve whatever they want to and later I was shocked to see such talented kids that were hidden or say deprived of the facilities that they should have got by now 
Pr koi baat nahi der aaye durust aaye 
They joined hands with us…

Followed by RAYS NGO
We went there on the 2nd day and this day was very special. It was an NGO for hiv aids kids but you cant say they were going through any such thing. All of them were creative, energetic,full of enthusiasm. They participated in every activity voluntarily. 

FAITH NGO Those kids settled in a different world established in a corner of Jaipur . The smiles and those innocent faces were so inspiring ! Their spirits and attachment of those kids with us was fabulous ! From story telling to dance sessions every time the energy level was high in the corners of NRI colony . Kalakar was not only a journey full of fun, joy and happiness but was also an emotional one. We vowed to ourselves that we would be connected to these three NGOs forever. 2. Like Alike Like Alike was one of the unique experiences we had. The sessions were all about living life in a positive way. Doing things which you like. Things which gives you happiness. This session was taken at Rays NGO. Around 50 teenagers attended the session. One session was taken by Vanika Sangtani and another by Tanishq israni. Like Alike was not only limited to this. We also visited kathputli slum in jaipur to find how they are living their lives and the scene was a mess. THE DAY AT KATHPUTLI. "You people are just like other beings who come here and go without doing anything, just for the sake of fame." They said it right but we wanted to prove them wrong. Yes we highlighted the problems in the newspapers but without our names. Location: Kathputli Nagar, Lalkothi. Problems: •No washrooms. •No proper sewage system. •No arrangement for drinking water. •People weren'tmotivated enough to work for their own well being. Denied did their best to motivate the girls and women to work, children to study. Yes we made promises and we are on our way to fulfill them.

And It’s a humble request that please wake up and do something for the betterment of the society, only we the youth can make it a better place to live and beautiful placew to live for the coming generation as well as for us too
Lets join hand and make this world a better place with people full of enthusiasm and confidence that yess they are talented, they are blessed by the god , they can achieve anything 
Come up people.

Started by a 17 year old teen, denied is now a huge group of students coming together to promote the talent of the underprivileged. In  the last few months we have seen a lot. We have seen people crying while telling their stories, we have seen them getting happy while doing something that they love, seen them struggling for food , for livehood, for survival and getting deprived of the basic necessitie, different people, different stories, different perspectives but one thing in common lack of platform to showcase their talent.

 For now , we have 50 women enrolled in our school near sitapura slum area and we wish to start out project very soon for them.  The first  unit is planned to set up in sitapura slum. Help us to bring in a change in our society and help hundreds of women to convert their dreams into reality.

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