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To provide financial support to families, particularly to the women whose husband were farmers and have committed suicide. I would identify a few such families and provide them financial support to restart their farming!. We had tried this a couple of years back in the Vidarbha region and a few families were able to start to work on their land and restart agriculture. I aim to support at least 6 - 8 such families. . I will tie up with local farmer's network / groups / organization to identify the beneficiary. If the campaign goes successfully, will raise more later!  



onsecutive droughts in the last few years and water scarcity have made life in rural Maharashtra, particularly of the farming community miserable. The situation is alarming so much that in many villages across the state, the water is distributed through tankers under police protection.
Scarcity of water results in many livelihood problems and it hampers village culture and impacts the local economy on a large scale. As a result, because of no livelihood and earning opportunities caused due to water scarcity for domestic needs, rural masses migrate to nearby cities in large numbers leading to urbanization. These are not just migrants but socio-ecological refugees.
This water scarcity is experienced majorly due to uncontrolled, unregulated extraction of ground water which results in ground water depletion in many pockets of the state. If villages become self-sufficient in water conservation (which was the case before the Green Revolution) many problems can be resolved in due course of time.

The most efficient and cost-effective technology for recharging ground water and enriching ground water stock is a farm pond or a village pond or a percolation pond. Farm ponds are conceived as an important strategy for ground water recharge through percolation. The advantage of this technology is that the water is available throughout the year even in water stressed conditions.

our plans.

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