Travel complete India to complete my higher education

by Mahesh Gorijavolu

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About the project :

My name is G. Mahesh. I am a MBA degree holder. As I got admission into PhD, I am supposed to select and social issue as my research topic.

But to do that I think I should have a better knowledge on the social issues that are prevailing in the society especially in the rural areas. We all know that urban areas are prospering and developing in India, but the scenario is other way round in rural areas.

Being and MBA graduate I have some ideas regarding the issues. But to suggest some solutions to them, much research is required. We can take the prices of agriculture produce as an example. The price at which the produce is sold to the end user is much higher than what the farmer is getting. There is always a dis-equilibrium between demand and supply of agriculture produce in India. This is just one of the many problems that the rural India is facing.

I want to select one such issue as my research area. But to do that, I should have firsthand knowledge on such issues.

So, I am planning to travel pan India starting with south India at first. Depending upon success rate of the fund raiser, I will extend my travel to other parts of India gradually.

So. my campaign is all about raising funds to support my travel. I will start my journey by covering south India at first and then based upon the success of my funding campaign, I will try to cover other areas gradually.

The basic challenge that I can possibly face is lack of funds. As travelling such a large distance is usually costly, I need your generous support.

I planning to start my Journey in the third week of February 2018 and will cover my state (Andhra Pradesh) first.

Frankly speaking my plan of travelling India may not have any direct positive impact on society immediately. People may not be benefited immediately. their problems may not be solved immediately. But once I conclude my research, the suggestions given by me will help in overcoming at least some of the social issues.

So, I want your generous and whole-hearted support to make campaign an enormous success.


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