vChalk - tech for all kids to progress in school

by Daniela F. Gheorghe

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About the project :


Why can’t technology support millions of children in school catch up on basic skills for learning?

vChalk is an education technology startup that serves low-income parents who aspire for a better future.   

We have been working relentlessly for 3 years, piloting and pivoting, showing revenue and returning customers, in a sustainable for-profit social impact model.

Today, we build the world’s most affordable portable wireless server as a digital library in any school and a comprehensive service to schools and parents. 

We serve 1700 kids in Bangalore and around and have recognition from D-Prize San Francisco, Eureka at IIT Bombay, NASSCOM SIF Tech for Good Award, ISB iDiya Award.

We were 1 in 10 teams globally to be chosen as a Global Edtech, and one of the 16 teams across continents selected by Berkeley Haas University as a finalist in a Global Social Venture Competition in 2016.

Why you should care:

The world is facing a global learning crisis.

4 in 10 children in developing countries fail to learn the basics after 4 years in school (UNESCO). This is one of the most urgent problems in the world right now.

Global problem as seen in India: 

One third of all the children in rural India and two thirds of all the children in urban India study in English medium schools, but are first generation English learners. With all the books in English, a language they aren’t expose to, school becomes a burden for these children as soon as 3rd grade.

Customers' problem:

200 million parents in semi-urban and urban India, with less than INR 20,000 income per household aspire for a better future for their children but send them to low-income schools, private or public, due to financial constraints. Parents can’t help them learn English at home since they don’t know English themselves. With children not learning the basics, low-income parents thus have a very low ROI in education. All these parents want their child to speak in English early on, but lack of communication skills is just the peak of the iceberg.

vChalk solution:

At vChalk, we support any teacher, anywhere, to teach to the level of the child, close early learning gaps and improve her English. We innovate on hardware design to make a server an affordable technology for every school: world’s most affordable portable wireless server. We make it a distribution channel of a proven way of teaching (teaching by level).

vChalk mini-server is a local digital library with: videos, audios and mobile applications for the teacher to improve her English, bring activities in her class, as well as for parents to download for practice at home. It can be updated over the air.

Every day, before the vChalk class, the teacher connects her own smartphone to the Wi-Fi of our server in school and reads, on the EZY app, the activities for each group of kids that day. Without the need for Internet. Kids sit in their level groups and learn with peers through activities.

People behind:

Daniela, from Romania, grew herself into a social entrepreneur in India for years before starting vChalk.

Anil has quit his job in R&D at Sonny to dedicate himself full time to vChalk.

Vishakha quit her opportunities in California after an MBA in New York to come and work with vChalk.

Garima went through an intensive Teach for India fellowship and relocated from Delhi to follow her passion.

Because we believe in what we do.

We are not just passionate people, we get things done out there and keep overcoming challenges and we have complimentary skills across business, technology, and social enterprise.

When one works with fragmented markets, for low-income clients, trying to build a sustainable model in a sector considered non-profit, beyond the traditional chicken-and-egg investment challenges, it is easy to give up. But we have and shown the grit and perseverance to keep on going and learning.

Your contribution:

vChalk is technology to support low-income parents and teachers make sure all children learn the basics in the first years in school.

Your contribution will help the team bring 1500 more kids this year to start vChalk classes this October! With your support, we can make sure we reach our milestone of reaching 3000 kids this academic year! 

Watch the video and support our campaign in collaboration with IIM Bangalore!


I support "vChalk - tech for all kids to progress in school" and have contributed towards the campaign!

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Solving a real problem. The founders are passionate and have demonstrated strong understanding of the domain and the market. The technology makes the solution scalable.

thank you so much for your multi-dimensional support!

My Campaign Just Raised 50% Of the Goal Amount ! Thank You Please Continue Your Support.


I support "vChalk - tech for all kids to progress in school" and have contributed towards the campaign!

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To empower every child with the right knowledge and skills. I believe VChalk can do this effectively.

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I want every child to have access to high quality education. :-)

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I believe in vChalk's mission.

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