Violence and Me

by Parimal Merchant

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About the project :

Violence is one of the biggest nemesis of modern day civilization. The World Center for Humanist Studies is organizing a National Level Essay competition for School students through which we hope to sensitized the future youth of India to understand about violence, its forms, and also play an instrumental role in creating awareness neither to resort to violence nor be a victim of the various forms of violence.

Generally acts of war, terrorism etc. is perceived as violence. These are indeed acts of violence but they are not the only forms. In fact most of the time, most of us are not directly exposed to such incidences. And that is the reason why many of us remain under the illusion that we are not directly affected by violence.

But the scenario will be very different if we understand what violence really means. What is violence? Anything that harms a human being or hinders his/her growth is violence. It can also be said that anything that makes a person unhappy is violence. Do we see ourselves and also almost everyone around us unhappy time and again? If so, then we are all victims of violence and often we are also responsible for causing

Does being ill-treated or ignored make you unhappy? If so, it is violence. When we ill-treat or ignore others, in turn we are committing violence. If one is ill-treated because of the color of one’s skin or the language one speaks, it is racial violence and when one is ill-treated because of the religion one is following it is religious violence.

What is wrong in violence? Three aspects. One, the person who is subjected to violence is harmed, he is unhappy and his growth is hindered. The second is that the person who commits violence harms his own self also. Try harming another person and deep inside, you will also feel bad. That is you have done internal violence on yourself. And finally, the third aspect is that violence breed further violence.

Be it individual, communities or even countries. When one faction is violent with the other, the other reacts with violence and an escalating chain of violence starts between the two factions.

In a different scenario, when a boss unjustifiably shouts at an officer, the officer may not be able to argue back, but he is hurt. His mood is out and on reaching home, he gets into argument with his wife for petty reason. The wife is hurt. She may keep quiet but will get annoyed with the child. Thus a chain starts. External violence leads to internal unhappiness, what is called internal violence. That does not end there, it pushes the person to be violent where he has more power, in this case the boss has more power over the officer, who in turn has more power over the wife, and she in turn has more power over the child.

Outside or external violence causes inside or internal violence and that in turn causes external violence and the chain goes on.

How to deal with the violence? Obviously reacting to violence with violence is easiest and most common response but as we know by now it is not the real way out. It will result only in further ever-increasing chain of violence.

The first step is to understand the different forms of violence that is happening around in our day to day life. Sometimes we may be a party to it and some time we may be only witnessing it. It is important to learn to recognize the violence in its various forms. This booklet is aimed at helping you understand each of the form better.

The next step is to start thinking about what would be a better response. Think about it and pen down your thought in the form of a small essay for this competition. The more we learn, the more we will be able to influence other around us. That will be a small contribution of each of us for making our world more human and a better place to live for everyone.

Risks and Challenges :

We want to have an all inclusive participation across the length and breadth of India. The challenge that we face is reaching out to colleges and the education fraternity all over. We seek your support in speading awareness about this campaign!!!

Other Ways You Can Help :

Financial contribution is an important aspect of the project. We have created multiple tiers of contribution depending on how much you feel for our project. However, in cases of not contributing financially, we would still request you to share our projects in your social circles. Who knows, your tweet or facebook share could give us the winning essay.

We also wish to reach out to various school principals who can engage their students in this initiative. So, if any one of you would wish to connect us to schools for this cause, we would be more than obliged.

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