WEcarriers - Social Shipping. Earn while traveling.

by Himanshu Singhvi

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About the project :

WEcarriers.com is a peer-peer delivery network. It offers a single platform to users to send anything anywhere in the world. It's a platform that offers you multiple options to send your package anywhere in the world. The product connects travellers with the package senders and also offers you an opportunity to earn as you travel. The end objective is to enable logistics through technology to cater to diverse shipment requirements all over the world.

The global peer-to-peer logistics marketplace focuses on simplifying global logistics requirements through technology. WEcarriers gives an opportunity to the user delivering the package to economize their travel expenses by earning while they travel and in the meantime, providing instant delivery for the users wanting to send a package.

The need for sending things from one place to another is ever growing. While we say the world is shrinking, but we still don’t have the one platform to go to where we can send anything anywhere and that is where WEcarriers comes in play. It provides a platform to leverage on your social network to send anything anywhere and earn as you travel.

We would like to disrupt the current logistics ecosystem through a habit-changing technology. A person's time is always valued more than money, and if we can give them a solution that values their time and offers convenience, we are home. It is the kind of product that will have an organic growth as it is connecting users for a mutual benefit, and anything that grows organically is a good long-term business to be in.

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