Working together to feed the hungry

by Sakshi Gupta

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About the project :

I am a management student from Faridabad, along with the dreams of personal growth up the corporate ladder, I wish to work towards upliftment of the society. I have always felt the urge to help people from a very young age. Having worked with NGOs in Faridabad, I strongly feel that one should help the helpless in whatever way they can. I along with a few people organize food drives for the poor locally.

The funds are limited which restricts our outreach but now with the help of others, we want to extend the help to a number of people especially children as we have observed the child death rate is high due to malnutrition. We will not only be providing food but also distribute vitamins supplements to a wide range of poor children. We have also planned to have “meal packaging events” where we will pack and distribute packed meals to the places we can’t have food drives.

The small contribution from you won’t affect your lives but it will bring a big change to others lives.

We believe we must work together to break the cycle of poverty, by providing food and long-term solutions like clean water and education. At times, we feel like helping the needy, but we end up in helping them with their bad habits. The penny given to them does not get them food to eat, we make sure your help reaches them in a right way.

Risks and Challenges :

There are no risks associated with this campaign. We will conduct proper recce before the food drive to understand the need and setup requirements so that we do not end up wasting food or resources. 

Other Ways You Can Help :

We are looking for more people to join hands and help us in reaching out to more people. Help us by sharing the details of this campaign with your network and making this a success. 

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