Zool Aparim - Illumination Across

by Shreesh Zutshi

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About the project :

Our company, Dramaturge Pictures is an independent film/TV/theatre production company, based in Jammu, India with its maiden production of a Kashmiri short film, being selected and screened at Cannes film festival on May 2015.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttks6Q4BGfE

The project is set up in Kashmir. An old age couple has shifted to a new house in the wilderness, far away from the city. NATH JI, 57, headmaster of a government secondary school took a loan to build a two storey house in a distant village area. He lives with his wife PYARI, 54, a homemaker whom he married when she was 25 years old.

The film will showcase the time spent between the couple inside their house  in the month of winter. There is a strong conflict between the characters- NATH JI and PYARI on different ideologies; both have different points of view and even being together they are lonely in their own way. The theme of the story is to understand the objectives and the perception of life in a middle-class society of Kashmir in contrast with the world outside their house. 

The project is an adaptation of one of the short stories written by the Literature Academy Award winner  Writer, Mr. Hari Krishna Kaul.  The relevance of the project to the people in our country lies in the fact to introduce an image of Kashmiri culture and lifestyle in contrast to the present situation. The life which is lost and forgotten but still exists amidst decades-long phoney war for freedom. The attempt is to have a universal understanding and attention towards Kashmir so as to reach deep into the hearts of the audience.

We evaluate our target groups in numbers instead of a particular region or a group. The success strategy of our project lies in the fact to make a minimum of 1 million people watch our film.


Risks and Challenges :

 Fortunately,there are no risks involved in organising the shoot of our film.  Most of the film will be shot indoors  except for only one outdoor shot which  reveals the geography and its essence of inside life in the end.  There are only two actors. Although, to maintain the smooth production of the project all the necessary permissions and security precautions will be taken care of. Also, the entire production, cast and crew will be insured to safeguard from any risks or mitigation.

We are equally concerned about the result of our film as we are concerned about making it.  The result of our project lies in the content and its representation of a human story.  There is an existing market of film festivals which provides a plethora of opportunities for a film like ours. VOD  is an another huge market where there is a constant demand for short films based on cultural and human stories. The film like ours could easily be sold in more than ten countries around the globe under a non-exclusive agreement.  Our strength lies in our honesty, dedication and love for cinema.  Therefore, to maximise the reach of our film we have a planned marketing strategy and a publicist as a part of our budget. 

Other Ways You Can Help :

If you like the concept of the film help us share this crowdfunding campaign with your friends and family. Help us spread the word about this film. 

Zool Aparim - Illumination Across

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